Tongatapu 5

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Tongatapu 5
for the Legislative Assembly of Tonga
Current constituency
Number of members1
Member(s)ʻAisake Valu Eke

Tongatapu 5 is an electoral constituency for the Legislative Assembly in the Kingdom of Tonga. It was established for the November 2010 general election, when the multi-seat regional constituencies for People's Representatives were replaced by single-seat constituencies, electing one representative via the first past the post electoral system. Located in the central-western part of the country's main island, Tongatapu, it encompasses the villages of Kanokupolu, Haʻatafu, Kolovai, Haʻavakatolo, ʻAhau, Foʻui, Teʻekiu, Masilamea, Nukunuku, Matafonua, Matahau, Vaotuʻu, Fahefa, Kalaʻau, Haʻutu, and ʻAtata.[1]

Its first ever representative in 2010 was ʻAisake Valu Eke, who was not a member of any political party, and was a first time MP. Of Tongatapu's ten constituencies, Tongatapu 5 was the only one not to be won by the Democratic Party of the Friendly Islands, but Eke was viewed as a pro-democracy independent close to the party, and had even considered running as a party member.[2][3] For the 2014 election, he did exactly that, and retained his seat, this time for the Democratic Party.[4][5]

Members of Parliament[edit]

Election Member Party
2010 ʻAisake Valu Eke Independent
2014 ʻAisake Valu Eke Democratic Party of the Friendly Islands
2017 Losaline Ma'asi Democratic Party of the Friendly Islands

Election results[edit]


Tongan general election, 2014: Tongatapu 5
Party Candidate Votes % ±
DPFI ʻAisake Valu Eke 1621 57.7 +33.6
(unknown) Maliu Moeao Takai 1076 38.3 +16.4
(unknown) Lia Manatufa’oa 71 2.5 n/a
(unknown) Viliami Mangisi 41 1.5 n/a
Turnout 2809
Majority 545 19.4 +17.2
DPFI gain from Independent Swing n/a


Tongan general election, 2010: Tongatapu 5
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Independent ʻAisake Valu Eke 679 24.1 n/a
(unknown) Maliu Moeao Takai 616 21.9 n/a
(unknown) Siale Napaʻa Fihaki 302 10.7 n/a
(unknown) Hekisou Fifita 285 10.1 n/a
(unknown) Sione Loseli 238 8.5 n/a
(unknown) Semisi Tongia 233 8.3 n/a
(unknown) Lopeti Senituli 155 5.5 n/a
(unknown) Sione Tuʻalau Mangisi 116 4.1 n/a
(unknown) Sione Langi Vailanu 98 3.5 n/a
(unknown) Sitiveni Takaetali Finau 46 1.6 n/a
(unknown) ʻOfa Tautuiaki 24 0.9 n/a
(unknown) Pita Ikataʻane Finaulahi 19 0.7 n/a
(unknown) Sateki Finau 4 0.1 n/a
Turnout 2815
Majority 63 2.2 n/a
Independent win (new seat)