Torn Between Two Lovers (album)

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Torn Between Two Lovers
Studio album by Mary MacGregor
Released 1976
Recorded Muscle Shoals Sound Studio
Label Ariola America SMAS-50015
Producer Peter Yarrow, Barry Beckett
Mary MacGregor chronology
Torn Between Two Lovers
...In Your Eyes
(1978)...In Your Eyes1978

Torn Between Two Lovers is Mary MacGregor's first album.

Track listing[edit]

Side One:

  1. "Mama" (Stephen Ferguson)
  2. "This Girl (Has Turned Into A Woman)" (Peter Yarrow, Mary MacGregor)
  3. "Good Together" (Gretta Larson)
  4. "It's Too Soon (To Let Our Love End)" (Jim Salestrom)
  5. "Why Did You Wait (To Tell Me)" (Peter Yarrow)

Side Two:

  1. "The Lady I Am" (Gretta Larson)
  2. "For A While" (Peter Yarrow, Kevin Hunter)
  3. "I Just Want To Love You" (Randy Sharp)
  4. "Take Your Love Away" (Randy Sharp)
  5. "Torn Between Two Lovers" (Phil Jarrell, Peter Yarrow)