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Photo of club in 1897

The Toronto Wellingtons were one of the first amateur men's ice hockey teams in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They were active around 1900, and are notable for challenging for the Stanley Cup as Ontario Hockey Association (OHA) senior champions of 1901.


The Wellingtons were organized in 1895 under the jurisdiction of the Ontario Hockey Association. The club fielded a junior team from 1895–1898. The club fielded a team in the intermediate level from 1896–1934. It fielded teams at the senior level of the OHA from 1899 to 1903. The senior teams were OHA champions from 1900 to 1903.[1]

Stanley Cup challenge[edit]

As 1901 champions of the Ontario Hockey Association, the Wellingtons were eligible to challenge for the Stanley Cup.[2] In January 1902, the Wellingtons travelled to Winnipeg, Manitoba to play the Winnipeg Victorias for the Stanley Cup.

Date Winning Team Score Losing Team Location
January 21, 1902 Winnipeg Victorias 5–3 Toronto Wellingtons Winnipeg Auditorium
January 23, 1902 Winnipeg Victorias 5–3 Toronto Wellingtons
Winnipeg wins best-of-three series 2 games to 0

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