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Tourism in Somaliland is regulated by the Somaliland's Ministry of Tourism.


Historical sites[edit]

  • Dhambalin – Archaeological site in northern Somalia, with rock art in the Ethiopian-Arabian style showing early evidence of animal domestication.
Aerial view of the Dervish State's main fort complex in Taleh.
  • Hafun – Site of an ancient necropolis.
  • Haylaan – Site of numerous ancient ruins and buildings. Includes the tombs of Sheikh Darod and his wife Dobira.
  • Laas Gaal – Complex of caves in northwestern Somalia containing some of the earliest known rock art in the region. Its cave paintings have been estimated to date back between 9,000-3,000 BCE.
  • Las Khorey – Former capital of the Warsangali Sultanate. Is the seat of the Sultan's former two-storey palace, a fortress, and a number of other historic ruins.
  • Maydh – Site of an ancient port city in the Sanaag region of Somalia. Includes the tomb of Sheikh Isaaq.
  • Qa’ableh – Old town with a number of ancient burial structures. Believed to harbor the tombs of former kings from early periods of Somali history. Includes the tomb of Sheikh Harti.
  • Qombo'ul – Historic town in the Sanaag region. Sites include ancient ruins, buildings and structures.
  • Taleh – Former capital of the Dervish State. Features a large fortress complex.
  • Zeila – The commercial port of Avalites in antiquity, and the first capital of the medieval Adal Sultanate.


Beach in Berbera.


Mountain ranges[edit]

The Cal Madow mountain range.

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