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Tourism in Somaliland is regulated by the Somaliland's Ministry of Tourism.


The history of tourism in Somaliland was historically tied to that of Somalia's, which decreased rapidly during the Somali Civil War. Since the declaration of Somaliland independence and the establishment of a de facto legal government, stability has returned to all but the easternmost part of the country. Many tourists go to Somaliland to visit the archaeological and historical sites that can be found close to the capital, Hargeisa, and other settlements like Zeila; for the natural wonders like the beaches of Berbera or the Cal Madow mountains; or for adventure tourism of being in a country that doesn't legally exist, is still technically in civil war as part of Somalia, or just to say that they've been to Somalia, albeit without much of the danger found in Somalia proper.

Most of the travelers to Somaliland enter through Djibouti as part of organized tours, as entering via sea or Somalia are not viable options, due to the Somali Civil War/Puntland-Somaliland Conflict and/or through piracy.

Historical sites[edit]

  • Dhambalin – Archaeological site in northern Somalia, with rock art in the Ethiopian-Arabian style showing early evidence of animal domestication.
Aerial view of the Dervish State's main fort complex in Taleh.
  • Hafun – Site of an ancient necropolis.
  • Haylaan – Site of numerous ancient ruins and buildings. Includes the tombs of Sheikh Darod and his wife Dobira.
  • Laas Gaal – Complex of caves in northwestern Somalia containing some of the earliest known rock art in the region. Its cave paintings have been estimated to date back between 9,000-3,000 BCE.
  • Las Khorey – Former capital of the Warsangali Sultanate. Is the seat of the Sultan's former two-storey palace, a fortress, and a number of other historic ruins.
  • Maydh – Site of an ancient port city in the Sanaag region of Somalia. Includes the tomb of Sheikh Isaaq.
  • Qa’ableh – Old town with a number of ancient burial structures. Believed to harbor the tombs of former kings from early periods of Somali history. Includes the tomb of Sheikh Harti.
  • Qombo'ul – Historic town in the Sanaag region. Sites include ancient ruins, buildings and structures.
  • Taleh – Former capital of the Dervish State. Features a large fortress complex.
  • Zeila – The commercial port of Avalites in antiquity, and the first capital of the medieval Adal Sultanate.


Beach in Berbera.


Mountain ranges[edit]

The Cal Madow mountain range.

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