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Town Point Park

. Town Point Park is a 7-acre waterfront city park on the Elizabeth River in Norfolk, Virginia, USA; the park hosts major outdoor concerts, award-winning festivals and special events each year to include Norfolk Harborfest, Bayou Boogaloo, 4th of July Celebrations. Norfolk Festevents programs Town Point Park on behalf of the City of Norfolk. Located in the park are The Homecoming and the Armed Forces Memorial; the Armed Forces Memorial is located on the river. The Memorial plaza features 20 letters home from US service people from the American Revolution through the Gulf War, all of whom died after writing their letters; the letters are appear as if strewn by the wind on the Memorial. Town Point Park is located in downtown Norfolk and is adjacent to Nauticus and the museum ship USS Wisconsin. In October 2008 all of the park was bulldozed to prepare for a total redesign of the park; as of July 2009 it has been open to the public for daily use

Gerald T. McCaughey

Gerald T. McCaughey is a Canadian businessman, president and CEO of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. McCaughey was born and grew up in Winnipeg and attended parish schools before moving to Montreal in 1970. At 17 McCaughey left home, spending his summers working on the railway tunnels in the British Columbia Interior from 1973 to 1976, his winters studying at Concordia University. McCaughey graduated with a bachelor of commerce degree and took further bookkeeping courses, while working at a meat packing plant in Montreal, he joined Merrill Lynch Canada as broker in 1981. At Merrill Lynch McCaughey worked his way across the company's operations in Winnipeg and Montreal. In 1990 Merrill Lynch sold their private client operations in Canada to CIBC, McCaughey was an account executive and joined CIBC Wood Gundy. McCaughey succeeded Tony de Werth as the head of Wood Gundy, the retail brokerage division of CIBC. McCaughey sold off USA brokerage Oppenheimer, sold the Guernsey operations, acquired TAL Global Asset Management, purchased Merrill Lynch's Canadian brokerage.

Since joining CIBC, McCaughey has risen up the ranks within the bank: 1994–1999 President of Wood Gundy Private Client Investments 1999–2002 Senior executive vice-president 2002–2004 Vice chair, CIBC 2004–2005 Chairman and chief executive officer, CIBC World Markets 2005–2005 President and chief operating officer, CIBC 2005–2014 President and chief executive officer, CIBCAs a result of several scandals with CIBC World Markets, McCaughey replaced David Kassie as chairman and chief executive officer of CIBC World Markets, while retaining his existing responsibilities for wealth management. Kassie was seen as the next CEO of CIBC prior to the problems with World Markets, shortly after departing CIBC he went on to found Genuity which led to accusations and a lawsuit for poaching senior World Markets staff. In 2005, McCaughey became president and chief operating officer of CIBC, making him the heir-apparent to CEO John Hunkin, while Brian Shaw succeeded McCaughey as chairman and chief executive officer of CIBC World Markets.

In July 2005, McCaughey became chief executive officer when Hunkin's retirement date was pushed forward. In 2008, Richard Nesbitt replaced Shaw as chairman and chief executive officer of CIBC World Markets. On June 11, 2013, Nesbitt was named chief operating officer of CIBC while retaining his responsibility for World Markets. On April 24, 2014, CIBC announced that McCaughey would be retiring as CEO effective April 30, 2016, having "secured a period of up to two years of continuing leadership from him should it be required for an orderly transition while providing for the potential of an earlier retirement date should a successor for Mr. McCaughey be identified and ready to assume leadership of CIBC before that time". On July 31, 2014, CIBC announced the appointment of Victor Dodig as president and CEO which would be effective on September 15, 2014, which accelerated McCaughey and Nesbitt's retirements to September 15, 2014. McCaughey was paid $6.24 million in total direct compensation in 2009, according to the company's most recent annual proxy circular.

The Canadian Press reported on Thursday March 17, 2011, 8:36 pm EDT that "President and chief executive Gerald McCaughey's pay increased 50 per cent to $9.34 million last year." Outside of banking, McCaughey serves various other boards: Chair of the advisory board for the Canada Institute of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars Director of the Frontier College Foundation Member of The Learning Partnership's Corporate Advisory Board Member of the U. S. Council on Foreign RelationsIn 2012 he was included in the 50 Most Influential list of Bloomberg Markets Magazine. McCaughey is one of five siblings born to Thomas McCaughey, a retired anesthetist and French Canadian mother. McCaughey lives in downtown Toronto with an interior designer, they do not have any children. He does not own a car and lives in a modest condo. CIBC biography

Uki Noah

Uki Noah is the stage name for Mohammad Kautsar Hikmat, an Indonesian guitar player, a member of the musical group Noah. He was born in West Java, into an educated family; the nickname'Uki' was given to him by his brother. His father, Hikmat Iskandar, has a Master of Science degree and is a researcher and expert in transportation infrastructure; the family stayed for four years. Uki attended the Bandung Institute of Technology on a scholarship. Uki was a guest lecturer at the Bandung Institute of Technology. Uki has been interested in music since junior high school, taught himself to play guitar, he received a guitar for a gift on his 15th birthday, his father taught him how to play chords. He learned a lot from his friend Ariel, who he met in junior high; the two formed. After Peppermint and Ariel formed a band called Sliver and Cholesterol, together Qibil and Erick; the two next joined the group Topi, with Uki playing rhythm. Uki next joined Peterpan, he founded his own record label named Masterplan Records and formed his own band, called Astoria.

He worked as producer for Mencoba Sukses. In 2009, Uki married Metha Yunatria, they have one child, lost a second child shortly after birth, in July 2015. Kisah Lainnya 6.903 mil – Cerita Dibalik Konser 5 Benua 5 Negara Uki Noah on Twitter Profile in Kapanlagi.comProfil Uki Noah Kisah Lainnya, Buku Perjalanan Band Ariel, Reza, David Liburan Uki Noah Ajak Keluarga Kecilnya Ke Amerika Serikat Profil Uki Noah di situs Kapanlagi

Jonathan Sloane

Jonathan Sloane was a U. S. Representative from Ohio. Born in Pelham, Massachusetts in November 1785, Sloane completed preparatory studies and was graduated from Williams College, Massachusetts, in 1812, he studied law, was admitted to the bar in 1816, commenced practice in Ravenna, Ohio. He was general agent of the Tappan family for the sale of lands, he served as prosecuting attorney of Portage County in 1819. He served in the Ohio House of Representatives from 1820 to 1822, in the Ohio Senate in 1826 and 1827. Sloane was elected as an Anti-Masonic candidate to the Twenty-third and the Twenty-fourth Congresses, he declined to be a candidate for renomination in 1836. He retired from business activities on account of ill health, he died in Ravenna, April 25, 1854. He was interred in Evergreen Cemetery. United States Congress. "Jonathan Sloane". Biographical Directory of the United States Congress; this article incorporates public domain material from the Biographical Directory of the United States Congress website

Aïssatou Tounkara

Aïssatou Tounkara is a French footballer who plays as a defender for Spanish club Atlético Madrid. Tounkara started her career at the Buttes Chaumont FC club, where she stayed until the fall of 2008 when she joined the Football Féminin Issy-les-Moulineaux, whose team was in Division 2 Féminine. In the offseason of 2010, Tounkara joined FCF Juvisy in the Division 1 Féminine. Tounkara was part of several French youth teams, she debuted for the France U16 team against Norway on 4 July 2011. Tounkara represented France in many international competitions. In 2012, she was part of the squad that played at the UEFA Women's Under-17 Championship, in which France finished second. In September of the same year, she was called to represent France at the 2012 FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup in Azerbaijan. Tounkara was a titular along the whole tournament and played the final match in which France defeated North Korea on penalties and became champions. In August 2013, Tounkara traveled to Wales to represent France U19 at the 2013 UEFA Women's Under-19 Championship.

The team did well, defeating England in the great final and taking the title. In August 2014, Tounkara was called to represent France U20 at the 2014 FIFA U-20 Women's World Cup in Canada; the French team finished third. In 2017, she was part of the squad that represented France at the UEFA Women's Euro 2017. Aïssatou Tounkara – UEFA competition record Aïssatou Tounkara at Soccerway Aïssatou Tounkara at the French Football Federation Aïssatou Tounkara at Player's Profile at Foot o Feminin Player's Profile at Paris FC

Bad Samaritans (TV series)

Bad Samaritans is an American comedy web series produced by Walt Becker, Kelly Hayes, Ross Putman. It premiered on Netflix on March 31, 2013, various digital distribution platforms on April 2, 2013. Bad Samaritans is no longer available on Netflix; the show focuses on their parole officer. Brian Kubach as Jake Gibson, an aspiring professional StarCraft player who gets sentenced to 2000 hours of community service for starting a forest fire during his breakup with Drew. Prior to community service, he had no real ambition in life other than to be a professional gamer and become wealthy overnight like Mark Zuckerberg; as in life, his goal during community service is to get through it while doing as little as possible. Julianna Guill as Drew Finnegan, Jake's ex-girlfriend who has to serve the sentence with him. Drew is a graduate student and over-achiever who realized that she was wasting her life dating Jake for so many years, she sees herself as being above parolees in general. Being in community service leads her down the path of a mental breakdown.

Tommy Snider as Hagerty, a perpetually stoned community service lifer who doesn't seem to mind doing the time because he is too high to be upset. He tends to see the bright side in every horrible situation. Hagerty becomes Jake's confidant in relationship matters doling out bad advice and getting others to join in on his half-baked schemes. Alice Hunter as Trainy, the aspiring socialite, stuck doing community service after being cut off by her wealthy father. Trainy is vain and narcissistic but still tends to act less selfish than both Jake and Drew, her goal in life is to find a sugar daddy and she'll sleep with anyone to who she thinks has something to offer her money. Robert LaSardo as Doug, a former member of a violent biker gang. Doug has turned a new leaf and despite his tattoos and scary demeanor, he is polite and has a zen philosophy, it turns out that Doug is not sentenced to community service, but volunteers to help people and to mitigate his bad karma. Despite his good intentions, he makes poor decisions along with the rest of the parolees.

David Faustino as Dax Wendell, a pint-sized parole officer with a Napoleonic complex. Wendell dreams of being a real cop but can't make it into the force so he tries to compensate by ruling his parolees with an iron fist, he tends to end up in situations where he gets horribly injured thanks to his bravado, which leads to him getting less and less respect from the gang. When Jake and Drew's anniversary picnic turns into a massive breakup that accidentally starts a raging wildfire, they are both sentenced to 2,000 hours of community service which they have to serve together; each week, they join a ragtag group of degenerates that includes lifelong stoner Hagerty, aspiring socialite Trainy, former biker gang member Doug, their Napoleonic parole officer Dax Wendell to complete degrading assignments. While performing menial tasks like assisting the elderly, picking up trash, euthanizing dogs and Drew continue to deal with their breakup and the constant nightmare of doing the worst jobs in the world, for no money, with their ex.

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