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Gotha tramway network
Uk gth-tw301 03 g.jpg
Modernised Tatra KT4D tram in Gotha, 2006.
LocaleGotha, Thuringia, Germany
Open1894 (1894)
Operator(s)Thüringerwaldbahn und Straßenbahn Gotha GmbH (TWSB)
Track gauge1,000 mm (3 ft 3 38 in)
Propulsion system(s)Electricity
Gotha tramway network.
WebsiteThüringerwaldbahn und Straßenbahn Gotha GmbH (in German)

The Gotha tramway network is a network of tramways forming part of the public transport system in Gotha, a city in the federal state of Thuringia, Germany.

Opened in 1894, the network is currently operated by Thüringerwaldbahn und Straßenbahn Gotha GmbH (TWSB).


Line Route Length Travel time (min) Stops Headway (daytime)
Hauptbahnhof – Kreiskrankenhaus 6.1 km 22 min 15 10 mins*
Hauptbahnhof – Ostbahnhof 3.0 km 12 min 8 20 mins
Waltershäuser Straße – Ostbahnhof 4.0 km 14 min 10 (3 services/day)
Thüringerwaldbahn [de]
Gotha – Waltershausen Gleisdreieck – FriedrichrodaBad Tabarz
21.7 km (22.5 km incl. Krankenhaus) 58 min 22 30 mins
Waltershausen Gleisdreieck – Waltershausen Bahnhof 2.4 km 7 min 5 ≈ 30 mins


* The headway figure for line 1 takes into account the services on line 4.

Since the timetable change on 13 December 2009, there has been only one pair of line 4 trains each day via Krankenhaus. At other times, travellers to/from Krankenhaus must change to line 1 in Sundhausen.

The old line 3 linked the Huttenstraße with Hauptfriedhof with one intermediate stop, and was shut down on 30 June 1985. From 1 June 1985 to 1991, a SEV line 3 led from the old Busbahnhof to Hauptfriedhof. Today, this route is operated on Monday to Saturday by city bus line F and the evening line, on Monday to Friday by city bus line E, and on Sundays by city bus line B.

The branch line in Waltershausen formerly belonging to line 4 (between Waltershausen Bahnhof und Waltershausen-Gleisdreieck) has operated since August 2007 as line 6.

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