Transport in Martinique

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Land transport[edit]

Road transport[edit]

As of 2000, Martinique had 2,105 km of paved highways.

There is a part of the N5 road that has been upgraded as a motorway, running from the capital Fort-de-France through Lamentin, Ducos and Rivière Salée until Les Coteaux.

Rail transport[edit]

Martininique has now(2018) only one railway line in operation: The little-known 2.5 km long Le Train des Plantations is a heritage railway that runs from the Rhum Museum in Sainte-Marie through some sugarcane and banana plantations over two Bailey bridges to the Banana Museum.

Loco at Maison de la Canne en Martinique
Rail bridge of l'Usine Gradis on the Riviere de Basse-Pointe
Narrow gauge tram at Saint-Pierre
Narrow gauge tram at St Pierre

In former times several narrow gauge sugarcane railways existed.[1] Saint-Pierre had horse-drawn trams, which had an unusally narrow gauge. At least two steam locomotives are preserved in an optically refurbished condition, but not operational.

Sea transport[edit]

There are harbours at Fort-de-France and La Trinité.

Air transport[edit]

It has three airports,[2] the main one being Martinique Aimé Césaire International Airport. See List of Airports in Martinique.