The n-gonal trapezohedron, antibipyramid or deltohedron is the dual polyhedron of an n-gonal antiprism. With a highest symmetry, its 2n faces are congruent kites; the faces are symmetrically staggered. The n-gon part of the name does not reference the faces here but arrangement of vertices around an axis of symmetry; the dual n-gonal antiprism has two actual n-gon faces. An n-gonal trapezohedron can be dissected into an n-gonal antiprism; these figures, sometimes called deltohedra, must not be confused with deltahedra, whose faces are equilateral triangles. In texts describing the crystal habits of minerals, the word trapezohedron is used for the polyhedron properly known as a deltoidal icositetrahedron; the symmetry group of an n-gonal trapezohedron is Dnd of order 4n, except in the case of a cube, which has the larger symmetry group Od of order 48, which has four versions of D3d as subgroups. The rotation group is Dn of order 2n, except in the case of a cube, which has the larger rotation group O of order 24, which has four versions of D3 as subgroups.

One degree of freedom within Dn symmetry changes the kites into congruent quadrilaterals with 3 edges lengths. In the limit, one edge of each quadrilateral goes to zero length, these become bipyramids. If the kites surrounding the two peaks are of different shapes, it can only have Cnv symmetry, order 2n; these can be called asymmetric trapezohedra. The dual is an unequal antiprism, with the bottom polygons of different radii. If it twisted and unequal its symmetry is reduced to cyclic symmetry, Cn symmetry, order n. A n-trapezohedron has 2n quadrilateral faces, with 2n+2 vertices. Two vertices are on the polar axis, the others are in two regular n-gonal rings of vertices. Special cases: n=2: A degenerate form, form a geometric tetrahedron with 6 vertices, 8 edges, 4 degenerate kite faces that are degenerated into triangles, its dual is a degenerate form of antiprism a tetrahedron. N=3: In the case of the dual of a triangular antiprism the kites are rhombi, hence these trapezohedra are zonohedra.

They are called rhombohedra. They are cubes scaled in the direction of a body diagonal, they are the parallelepipeds with congruent rhombic faces. A special case of a rhombohedron is one in which the rhombi which form the faces have angles of 60° and 120°, it can be decomposed into a regular octahedron. Since parallelepipeds can fill space, so can a combination of regular tetrahedra and regular octahedra. Crystal arrangements of atoms can repeat in space with hexagonal trapezohedral cells; the pentagonal trapezohedron is the only polyhedron other than the Platonic solids used as a die in roleplaying games such as Dungeons & Dragons. Having 10 sides, it can be used in repetition to generate any decimal-based uniform probability desired. Two dice of different colors are used for the two digits to represent numbers from 00 to 99. Self-intersecting trapezohedron exist with a star polygon central figure, defined by kite faces connecting each polygon edge to these two points. A p/q-trapezohedron has Coxeter-Dynkin diagram.

Diminished trapezohedron Rhombic dodecahedron Rhombic triacontahedron Bipyramid Truncated trapezohedron Conway polyhedron notation The Haunter of the Dark, a short story by H. P. Lovecraft in which a fictional ancient artifact known as The Shining Trapezohedron plays a crucial role. Anthony Pugh. Polyhedra: A visual approach. California: University of California Press Berkeley. ISBN 0-520-03056-7. Chapter 4: Duals of the Archimedean polyhedra and antiprisms Weisstein, Eric W. "Trapezohedron". MathWorld. Weisstein, Eric W. "Isohedron". MathWorld. Virtual Reality Polyhedra The Encyclopedia of Polyhedra VRML models <3> <4> <5> <6> <7> <8> <9> <10> Conway Notation for Polyhedra Try: "dAn", where n=3,4,5... example "dA5" is a pentagonal trapezohedron. Paper model tetragonal trapezohedron

Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon

Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon is a beat'em up video game featuring martial artist Bruce Lee. It was developed by Ronin Entertainment and published by Vivendi Universal Games, was released in Europe and the United States for the Xbox in 2002 to a negative critical reception. Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon is a pure beat'em up, using a 3D graphics engine and consisting of normal section where the player is brawling against multiple common enemies, of one-on-one boss fights. New Jeet Kune Do-style moves can be purchased for the coins gained by beating up enemies; the game features a story line in which 24-year-old Bruce battles multiple enemies to rescue his kidnapped father and retrieve the mystical Golden Relic from an organized crime organization known as Black Lotus, led by mysterious "Dragon Lady", whose father Chai Wan was inadvertently killed by Lee. Players control Lee through a series of areas set in various locations around the world, including Hong Kong and San Francisco; the game's bosses include Dragon Lady's sisters, including Cleopatra and Rhianna, her other followers, such as Cobra and female ninja assassin Tsuki.

The game was anticipated, but was universally panned by critics. It has an aggregate rating of 35.51% on GameRankings. The most cited complaints were about inadequate controls and combat lock-on system, low-quality graphics, frequent loading times, bad plot and voice acting, the lack of any in-game tutorials. IGN regarded Quest of the Dragon as vastly inferior to the Game Boy Advance game Bruce Lee: Return of the Legend. In 2011, included it in their list of 102 worst video games created, calling it "as close to blasphemy as the fighting genre gets." Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story Jackie Chan Stuntmaster Jet Li: Rise to Honor Stranglehold, starring Chow Yun-fat Official website Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon at MobyGames Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon on IMDb

Astrid Medina

Astrid Medina Pereira is a Colombian coffee producer who gained international prominence on winning the Colombian Cup of Excellence award in 2015. Born on 9 January 1977 in Gaitania, Planadas, in the Colombian department of Tolima, Astrid Medina Pereira is the daughter of Aureliano Medina Arce and Rosalba Pereira, she is the fifth in a family of 14 children. Following in the footsteps of her paternal grandfather and her father, who introduced her to coffee farming when she was 14, Medina graduated in agricultural production technology at Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje. In 2006, together with three younger siblings, she inherited the Buena Vista farm from her father, killed by Marxist rebels, her mother and one of her brothers had died earlier when they were swept into the river by a landslide near their home. The farm is now owned by her husband Raúl Antonio Durán and her younger sister. At an altitude of over 1,800 metres, it is located in a remote region of southern Tolima which until was not popular with coffee buyers as a result of conflicts with guerrillas.

In 2014, Medina started to produce speciality coffee under a scheme for developing late-harvest coffee launched by the National Federation of Coffee Growers. On 13 March 2015, she won the annual Cup of Excellence award for Colombian coffee in a ceremony held in Ibagué, the departmental capital of Tolima; the judges commented on the coffee's "creamy body with sweet and fruity notes". Medina subsequently reported that the award had changed her life, as her speciality coffee sold for over 10 times the normal price of Arabica; the profits have allowed her to improve the farm's infrastructure, to travel abroad and to offer her children a good education. Medina's husband, Raúl Antonio Duran, graduated as a veterinarian; the couple have a daughter. Coffee production in Colombia