Tree of Pain

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"Tree of Pain"
Song by Soulfly
from the album 3
Released June 25, 2002
Format Digital download
Recorded 2001–2002
Length 8:20
Label Roadrunner
Songwriter(s) Max Cavalera, Asha Rabouin, Richie Cavalera

"Tree of Pain" is a song by heavy metal band Soulfly, released in 2002 as the seventh track of the studio album numerically titled 3. Like most other songs, "Tree of Pain" has never been released as a single. This song is unique for Soulfly that it contains a pop ballad and a woman singer. This song tributes Max Cavalera for his stepson's (Dana Wells') untimely death.[1]


The song begins with soft ballad with soothing vocals by Asha Rabouin that would give listeners their calmy feelings. The ballad lasts 2:20 before turning over to hardcore music typical of Soulfly. Max Cavalera, followed by his son Richie, scream this part about pain. Then the song returns to the same ballad with vocals by Asha for the final 2:20 of the song, same amount of time as the first ballad part. 30 seconds leading up to it though, it begins playing the bass drum sample associated with ballad but Max can be heard screaming 'Why?' repeatedly. "Tree of Pain" lasts for a total of 8:20, ballad parts lasting for 4:40 in total and hardcore for 3:40.


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