Tricky (musician)

Adrian Nicholas Matthews Thaws, better known by his stage name Tricky, is an English record producer and actor. Born and raised in Bristol, he began his career as an early collaborator of Massive Attack before embarking on a solo career with his debut album, Maxinquaye, in 1995; the release won Tricky popular acclaim and marked the beginning of a lengthy collaborative partnership with vocalist Martina Topley-Bird. He released four more studio albums before the end of the decade, including Pre-Millennium Tension and the pseudonymous Nearly God, both in 1996, he has gone on to release eight studio albums since 2000, most Ununiform. Tricky is a pioneer of trip hop music, his work is noted for its dark, layered musical style that blends disparate cultural influences and genres, including hip hop, alternative rock and ragga, he has collaborated with a wide range of artists over the course of his career, including Terry Hall, Björk, Grace Jones, PJ Harvey. Tricky was born in the Knowle West neighbourhood of Bristol, to a Jamaican father and a mixed-race Anglo-Guyanese mother.

His mother, Maxine Quaye, either committed suicide or died due to epilepsy complications when Tricky was four. His father, Roy Thaws, who left the family before Tricky was born, operated the Studio 17 sound system with his brother Rupert and father Hector. Bristol musician Bunny Marrett claimed in 2012, "It became the most popular sound system in Bristol at the time."Tricky experienced a difficult childhood in Knowle West, an economically deprived area in Southern Bristol. He became involved in crime at an early age, joined a gang, involved in car theft, burglary and promiscuity. Tricky spent his youth in the care of his grandmother, who let him watch old horror films instead of going to school. At the age of 15, he began to write lyrics. At 17, he spent some time in prison after he purchased forged £50 notes from a friend, who informed the police. Tricky stated in an interview afterward: "Prison was good. I'm never going back". In the mid-1980s, Tricky met DJ Milo and spent time with a sound system called the Wild Bunch, which by 1987 evolved into Massive Attack.

He received the nickname "Tricky Kid" and at age eighteen became a member of the Fresh 4, a rap group built from the Wild Bunch. He rapped on Massive Attack's acclaimed debut album Blue Lines. In 1991, before the release of Massive Attack's album Blue Lines, he met Martina Topley-Bird in Bristol; some time she came to his house, mentioned to Tricky and Mark Stewart that she could sing. Martina was only fifteen years old, but her "honey-coated vox" impressed them and they recorded a song called "Aftermath". Tricky showed "Aftermath" to Massive Attack. So in 1993 he decided to press a few hundred vinyl copies of the song, he cut it directly off the tape, so that the song is "just bassline and hiss".. In 1995, a white label got him a contract with Island Records and he started to record his first solo album, Maxinquaye. Tricky left Massive Attack to release his debut album Maxinquaye, co-produced by himself and Mark Saunders and prominently featured singer Martina Topley-Bird; the album was successful and Tricky attained international fame, something he was notably uncomfortable with.

The Maxinquaye album review by Rolling Stone read: "Tricky devoured everything from American hip-hop and soul to reggae and the more melancholic strains of'80s British rock". Authors David Hesmondhalgh and Caspar Melville wrote in the book Global Noise: Rap and Hip-Hop Outside the USA: "Tricky showed his debt to hip-hop aesthetics by reconstructualising samples and slices of both the most respected black music and the tackiest pop." As the Rolling Stone article further explained, Tricky created "a mercurial style of dance music that finds it own fast feet."Tricky failed to complete a number of lyrics for the Massive Attack album Protection and gave the band some of the lyrics he had written for Maxinquaye instead. Thus, there are songs across the two albums that share the same lyrics – entitled "Overcome" and "Hell is'Round the Corner" on Maxinquaye and "Karmacoma", "Eurochild" on Protection, respectively. Tricky found it difficult to cope with the huge success of Maxinquaye and subsequently eschewed the laid-back soul sound of the first album to create an edgy and aggressive punk style of music.

In 1996, Neneh Cherry and Björk appeared as guests on his second album Nearly God. The opening number was a cover of the Siouxsie and the Banshees pre-trip-hop song "Tattoo" that had inspired Tricky when he forged his style. In 2001, Tricky appeared on the Thirteen Ghosts soundtrack with the song "Excess" which features Alanis Morissette during two of the choruses. In 2002 that song appeared on the Queen of the Damned soundtrack. Tricky's studio album Knowle West Boy was released in the UK and Ireland in July 2008, September 2008 in the US; the first single from the album was "Council Estate" and features the artist as the sole vocalist: "It's the first single I've done with just me on vocals. I couldn't whisper that song. I do a loud, screaming vocal. I wanted to be a proper frontman on that one." In an interview with The Skinny in July 2008, Tricky mentioned that Knowle West Boy was the first album for which he decided to enlist a co-producer. Ex-Suede guitarist Bernard Butler was Tricky's initial selec

K. S. Arulnandhy

Kathirgamar Sadayar Arulnandhy was a Ceylonese teacher and academic. He was the Deputy Director of Education from 1946 to 1950. Arulnandhy was born on 25 March 1899 in Uduvil in northern Ceylon, he was the son of Theivanai. He was educated at Jaffna Central College, he passed the Cambridge Local Examinations with distinction and honours. After school Arulnandhy enrolled on a science teacher course. Arulnandhy married Sakuntala, daughter of Suppiramaniam from Point Pedro, they had five daughters. After completing his science teacher course Arulnandhy was appointed science master at Hartley College in 1920, he went to Ceylon University College from where he graduated with a first class degree in science. In 1923 he was appointed Assistant Inspector of Schools. In 1929 he went to the UK where he obtained a teaching diploma from the University of London and a MSc degree in psychology. On returning to Ceylon he was promoted to Assistant Director of Education and Deputy Director of Education in 1946, he retired from the Education Department in 1950 was appointed lecturer in education at the University of Ceylon.

Arulnandhy served on a number of examination boards. Arulnandhy died on 30 July 1972 aged 73

Tommaso Chiecchi

Tommaso Chiecchi is a former Italian footballer who played as a defender. He is the head coach of GSD Ambrosiana, he started his career at native club Chievo, but after playing 22 Serie B games, he was loaned to various Serie C1 clubs for 4½ seasons, sold to Foggia and Vittoria in co-ownership deal until July 2005 staying in Modena of Serie B. He was bought back by Chievo by terminated the co-ownership deal in June 2006, which Chievo gave the remained 50% registration rights for Cristian Bucchi to Modena, he was loaned back to Modena on 13 July, along with Simone Bentivoglio. After failed to protect the Serie A seat, Chievo recalled Chiecchi on 1 July 2007 for their Serie B campaign, he was awarded no.3 shirt but he was used. Chiecchi was loaned to the Lega Pro 1st Division for Lumezzane along with Amedeo Calliari in July 2008 after Chievo promoted back to Serie A. In 2009, he remained for Pro Patria. On 20 July 2010, he was transferred to Lecco for free. In summer 2011 he was signed by a club from his home region Veneto.

He followed the club relegated to Eccellenza Veneto in 2012. ChievoSerie B: 2007–08 FIGC National team data Profile at La Gazzetta dello Sport Profile at La Gazzetta dello Sport Profile at