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Triennale di Milano
P arte 4.jpg
Established 1923
Location Viale Alemagna 6, 20121, Milan, Italy
Coordinates 45°28′21″N 9°10′26″E / 45.4724°N 9.174°E / 45.4724; 9.174Coordinates: 45°28′21″N 9°10′26″E / 45.4724°N 9.174°E / 45.4724; 9.174
Collections Twentieth-century art
Director Andrea Cancellato
Curator Silvana Annacchiarico

La Triennale di Milano is a design and art museum in the Parco Sempione in Milan, in Lombardy in northern Italy. It is housed in the Palazzo dell'Arte, which was designed by Giovanni Muzio and built between 1931 and 1933; construction was financed by Antonio Bernocchi and his brothers Andrea and Michele.[1]:1948

The Milan Triennial, an international exhibition of art and design, was held at the museum thirteen times between 1936 and 1996,[2] and – after a break of twenty years – again in 2016.[3]

Since 2003 the Triennale has awarded the triennial Gold Medal for Italian Architecture (Italian: Medaglia d'oro all'architettura italiana).[4]

A permanent museum of Italian design, the Trienniale Design Museum, was opened in 2007.[5]:51

The building houses a theatre, the Teatro dell'Arte, which was also designed by Muzio.[5]:51


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