Trigon (Ditson)

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Artist Allen Ditson
Year 1970
Type stainless steel
Dimensions 370 cm (144 in)
Location Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Coordinates 43°02′32″N 87°54′41″W / 43.042226°N 87.911519°W / 43.042226; -87.911519Coordinates: 43°02′32″N 87°54′41″W / 43.042226°N 87.911519°W / 43.042226; -87.911519
Owner Milwaukee County

Trigon is a public art work by American artist Allen Ditson, located in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The loosely figurative artwork was purchased by the four daughters of Mr. and Mrs. A.P. Rosenberg in their memory at the time of construction of the Performing Arts Center.[1] It is located on the East Kilbourn side of the Performing Arts Center near the Peck Pavilion and a grove of horse chestnut trees.[2]


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