Triplett & Scott carbine

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Triplett & Scott Carbine
Place of originUnited States
Service history
In service1864-1865
Used byKentucky Home Guard
WarsAmerican Civil War
Production history
DesignerLouis Triplett
William Scott
No. builtc. 5,000
VariantsShort version, Long version
MassLong version:
9 lb (4.1 kg)
Short version
8 lb 6 oz (3.8 kg)
LengthLong version:
48 in (1,200 mm)
Short version
40 in (1,000 mm)
Barrel lengthLong version:
30 in (760 mm)
Short version
22 in (560 mm)

Cartridge.60-52 Spencer
Actionlever action
Muzzle velocity1,025 ft/s (312 m/s)
Feed system7 bullets, tube magazine

Triplett & Scott was an American repeater carbine invented by Louis Triplett and William Scott of Columbia, Kentucky. It was issued to Kentucky Home Guard troops who were assigned to protect the supply lines of the Union Army under General Sherman's command.


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