Trouble in Paradise (Elemeno P album)

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Trouble in Paradise
Studio album by Elemeno P
Released 2005
Recorded ???
Genre Rock/Indie
Label Universal
Elemeno P chronology
Love & Disrespect
(2003)Love & Disrespect2003
Trouble In Paradise
Elemeno P
(2008)Elemeno P2008

Trouble in Paradise is the second album released by New Zealand rock band, Elemeno P. A Deluxe edition was later released, featuring the single 2006 "S.O.S".

Track listing[edit]

  1. "You Are"
  2. "Pardon Me"
  3. "Ohio"
  4. "Burn"
  5. "One Left Standing"
  6. "11:57"
  7. "Is This What We've Been Waiting For?"
  8. "Death and the Maiden" (cover, written and originally performed by The Verlaines)
  9. "The Day I Went Under"
  10. "Life's Not Fair"
  11. "Stay/Go"

Bonus Disc[edit]

  1. S.O.S.
  2. Stand Beside Me
  3. One Left Standing (The Laid Back Mix)
  4. Intro/11.57 (Live)
  5. Every Day's A Saturday (Live)
  6. You Are (Live)
  7. One Left Standing (Live)
  8. Sad For You
  9. Trouble In Paradise