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Truce of Deulino

Truce of Deulino was signed on 11 December 1618 and took effect on 4 January 1619. It concluded the Polish–Muscovite War between the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Tsardom of Russia; the agreement marked the greatest geographical expansion of the Commonwealth, which lasted until the Commonwealth conceded the loss of Livonia in 1629. The Commonwealth gained control over the Chernihiv Voivodeships; the truce was set to expire in 14.5 years. The parties exchanged prisoners, including Patriarch of Moscow. Władysław IV, son of Commonwealth king Sigismund III Vasa, refused to relinquish his claim to the Moscow throne. Therefore, in 1632, when the Truce of Deulino expired and Sigismund III died, hostilities were resumed in the course of a conflict known as the Smolensk War, which ended in the Treaty of Polanów in 1634

Crescent-chested puffbird

The crescent-chested puffbird is a species of bird in the family Bucconidae, the puffbirds. It is endemic to Brazil, its natural habitats are subtropical and tropical moist lowland forests and subtropical and tropical moist montane forests. This elegant colored bird, has a chest band composed of a bright-white throat, a narrow band of black, a light cinnamon band blending into the chest, its main range is southeast Brazil, including the Atlantic coast, it inhabits a small disjunct range in northern and coastal Maranhão state, Northeast Region, Brazil. Crescent-chested puffbird videos in the Internet Bird Collection Crescent-chested puffbird photo gallery VIREO Photo-High Res

Alfie Plant

Alfie Charles Plant is an English professional golfer. He came to prominence by winning the Silver Medal, as the leading amateur, at the 2017 Open Championship. Plant was runner-up at the 2015 English Amateur at Alwoodley Golf Club, Leeds losing 9&7 to Joe Dean in the 36 hole final. Plant played for England in the 2016 Eisenhower Trophy were the team finished second, their best finish in the event. In 2016 he won the Lytham Trophy with a score of 284 to win by seven shots. Plant won the 2017 European Amateur at Walton Heath Golf Club. Plant was tied on 273 after 72 holes. After a three-hole playoff and Scalise were still tied, but Plant won with a birdie at the fifth extra hole, his European Amateur win earned him entry into the 2017 Open Championship, his first start in a major championship. At the Open, he was the only amateur to make the cut, he won the Silver Medal as the leading amateur. Plant turned professional after playing in the 2017 Walker Cup. In 2019 he won the Golfcatcher Championship on the PGA EuroPro Tour.

He finished the 2019 PGA EuroPro Tour season 4th in the Order of Merit to gain a place on the 2020 Challenge Tour. 2012 Waterford Trophy 2013 Kent Amateur Championship 2016 Lytham Trophy 2017 European AmateurSource: 2019 Golfcatcher Championship LA = Low amateur CUT = missed the half-way cut "T" = tied for place Amateur St Andrews Trophy: 2016 Eisenhower Trophy: 2016 Walker Cup: 2017Source: Alfie Plant at the European Tour official site Alfie Plant at the Official World Golf Ranking official site

John Fassett Jr.

John Fassett Jr. was an early white settler of Vermont who served in the military during the American Revolution and held several government positions during Vermont's early years, including Justice of the Vermont Supreme Court. John Fassett Jr. was born in Bedford, Massachusetts on June 23, 1743. His father, John Fassett, moved the family to Bennington, Vermont in 1764, where he farmed and owned an inn; the elder John Fassett was a leader of early Vermont's military as a captain in the Green Mountain Boys and a member of the Vermont House of Representatives. The younger John Fassett became a farmer, he was a lieutenant in the Green Mountain Boys militia regiment raised at the start of the American Revolution in 1775 and commanded by Seth Warner, he took part in the attempted invasion of Canada in the fall of 1775. He was a captain in the Continental Army regiment Warner raised in 1777, called Warner's Additional Regiment. Fassett kept a diary during the Canada expedition, published as Diary of Captain John Fassett, Jr.: When a First Lieutenant of "Green Mountain Boys," September 1st to December 7th, 1775.

During the Revolution Fassett served with Thomas Chittenden and Matthew Lyon as a sequestration commissioner, the authorities charged with seizing the property of Loyalists and dispensing with it for the state's benefit. Fassett was a justice of the Vermont Supreme Court from the time it was organized in 1778 until he moved to Cambridge in 1785, he was a member of the governor's executive council from 1779 to 1785, again from 1787 to 1795. One of the original white settlers of Cambridge, in Chittenden County and is now part of Lamoille County, Fassett served as judge of the Chittenden County Court from 1787 to 1794. In 1787, 1788, 1790 and 1791 he served in the Vermont House of Representatives. Fassett died in Cambridge on April 2, 1803, he was buried at Mountain View Cemetery in Cambridge. John Fassett, Jr. in Men of Vermont Illustrated. Jacob G. Ullery. 1894. Page 59

Rockdale Common Housing District

The Rockdale Common Housing District is a historic district at 4-20 McBride, 46-58 Plantation, 37-42 Taft Sts. in Northbridge, United States. The district is composed of a collection of tenement houses built from c. 1880 to 1920. They were built by members of the Whitin family, who owned most of the textile production capacity in Northbridge; the district was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1983. The village of Rockdale is one of the principal villages and former industrial centers in the central Massachusetts town of Northbridge, its industrial history begins in 1814, but it did not become a successful industrial center until the 1860s, when the mill privilege was acquired by the Whitin family, a leading operator of textile mills in the Blackstone River valley. The Whitins attracted a reliable workforce by building housing and other community buildings for their workers. In the late 19th century an influx of French Canadians drawn to work at the mill in Rockdale prompted the company to build additional housing east of Taft Street.

The historic district includes seven residential structures built by the Paul Whitin Company between about 1880 and 1920. They are located in a single square block, bounded by Mcbride and Taft Streets, Church Avenue. Two long six-unit rowhouses stand on the east side of Taft Street, larger in form than earlier tenement houses built to the west. Facing McBride and Taft Streets are four triple decker apartment blocks, housing six or twelve units. Built c. 1917, these have notable Colonial Revival styling in their front porches and polygonal window bays. Lastly, one six-unit building with Italianate styling faces Taft Street; the buildings continue to be used as low-income residential housing. National Register of Historic Places listings in Worcester County, Massachusetts

Berend McKenzie

Berend McKenzie is a Canadian actor and playwright. As an actor he is most known for playing Lance in Catwoman; as a playwright Berend is most known for Nggrfg. Berend is of African descent, he was adopted by a Caucasian family. There he found little support for being homosexual due his family's Christian beliefs, he found it hard to be a gay black male in Alberta being called the slurs, "nigger" and "fag". After being caught in a "drunken grope-fest" with another boy at a party, his student council asked him to leave school as they feared he "wouldn't be safe." McKenzie fled both school shortly after. Berend made his film debut in the 2002 movie, Life or Something Like It in a small role alongside Angelina Jolie; as a film actor, Berend is most known for playing the role of sassy art department representative, Lance in the 2004 action superhero film, Catwoman alongside Alex Borstein and Halle Berry. In 2010 McKenzie debuted at the Edmonton Fringe Festival with his play, Nggrfg, an autobiographical play regarding the two most used slurs he heard growing up in Alberta, Canada.

Nggrfg is set up as four stories told by McKenzie about growing up black and gay in Alberta, with little tolerance for each by his peers. The play earned a Jessie Award nomination for Original Script and was run at Halifax's Queer Acts Theatre Festival. An adaptation of the play entitled, was made in order to portray an appropriate storyline for elementary and middle schools. Berend McKenzie on IMDb