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TrueImage is a PostScript-compatible interpreter (clone) originally developed by Cal Bauer and Bauer Enterprises and sold to Microsoft in 1989.[1][2][3] Microsoft subsequently cross-licensed TrueImage to Apple Computer in exchange for a TrueType license.[4] After many delays, Microsoft finally delivered version 1.0 of TrueImage to Apple; Apple announced they would be licensing PostScript Level 2 from Adobe Systems a few months later. [5][6]

Apple tried to build one product on TrueImage, but no TrueImage products were ever released by the company.[7] However, TrueImage was used in a variety of laser printers, such as Abaton[8] Okidata[9] and LaserMaster[10][11][12] into the mid-1990s, with limited success.[citation needed]


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