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Feature typeBright albedo feature
Coordinates40°S 10°W / 40°S 10°W / -40; -10Coordinates: 40°S 10°W / 40°S 10°W / -40; -10
EponymNavajo sacred place

Tsegihi is a bright region in Titan's southern mid-latitudes. It is centered at 40°S 10°W / 40°S 10°W / -40; -10[1].

It is thought to be brighter than the surrounding areas because dark organic haze particles which settle elsewhere on Titan are washed from Tsegihi by methane storms.[citation needed]

Tsegihi is named for a sacred place of the Navajo; the first line in the Navajo Nightsong Tsegihi, The House Made of Dawn runs:[2]

In Tsegihi, oh you who dwell
In the house made of the dawn...


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