Tsing Yi Fishermen's Children's Primary School

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Tsing Yi Fishermen's Children's Primary School (Chinese: 青衣漁民子弟學校) was a school for the children of fishermen on Tsing Yi Island in Hong Kong, founded by the Fish Marketing Organisation.[1] Fishermen's Children's Primary Schools marked that fishing once was an important industry in Hong Kong and there was a concern to improve fishermen's literacy; the good harbours besides the Rambler Channel attracted many fishermen and fishing boats such that here was a need to have a school on Tsing Yi Island. The school was finally built on the top of a hill near Moon Tsai Tong; the school survived until the late 1980s when extensive reclamation forced most fishermen to abandon their living on the sea.[citation needed]

The school was close to the relocation villages of Fishermen's Village and St. Paul's Village for fishermen. The former site of the school is now a Protestant church, Tsing Lam Church.


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