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Tu Men
Chinese name涂們 (traditional)
Chinese name涂们 (simplified)
PinyinTú Men (Mandarin)
BornFebruary 1960 (age 58)
Other namesTumen
Alma materShanghai Theatre Academy
Years active1985—present

Tu Men (born February 1960) is a Chinese actor. He is known for his portrayals of Genghis Khan in films such as Genghis Khan and An End to Killing.[1][2][3][4] In 2018 he eas at the center of a political dispute after referring to Taiwan as “Taiwan, China” drawing a rebuke from the leader of the Taiwan authorities.[5]

Selected filmography[edit]


Year English title Original title Role Notes
1988 To Die like a Man 欢乐英雄
1988 The Dead and the Living 阴阳界
1994 Sparkling Fox 火狐
1994 Jiruo and his Deer 金秋鹿鸣
1995 The Sorrow of Brook Steppe 悲情布鲁克
1998 Genghis Khan 一代天骄成吉思汗 Genghis Khan
1999 Lover's Grief over the Yellow River 黄河绝恋
2002 Gada Meilin 嘎达梅林
2002 Heavenly Grassland 天上草原
2009 By the Will of Genghis Khan N/A
2013 An End to Killing 止杀令 Genghis Khan
2015 A Simple Goodbye 告别
2017 Old Beast 老兽 Lao Yang
2018 Genghis Khan 战神纪 Jamukha's father

Television series[edit]

Year English title Original title Role Notes
2001 Laughing in the Wind 笑傲江湖 Zuo Lengshan
2006 Founding Emperor of Ming Dynasty 朱元璋 Toqto'a
2007 Zhen Guan Chang Ge 贞观长歌 Jieli Khan
2008 Paladins in Troubled Times 大唐游侠传 An Lushan
2008 Royal Tramp 鹿鼎记 Wu Sangui
2009 Bing Sheng 兵圣 King Helü of Wu
2009 The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber 倚天屠龙记 Chaghan Temür
2011 The Han Triumph 大风歌 Modu Chanyu

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nominated work Result
1996 Golden Rooster Awards Best Supporting Actor The Sorrow of Brook Steppe Nominated
1999 Golden Phoenix Awards Society Award Genghis Khan Won
2017 First Youth Film Festival Best Performer Old Beast Won
54th Golden Horse Awards Best Leading Actor Won
31st Golden Rooster Awards Best Actor A Simple Goodbye Nominated
2018 9th China Film Director's Guild Awards Best Actor Old Beast Won


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