Tun Tavern Brewery

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Tun Tavern Restaurant
Location2 Convention Boulevard, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA
Coordinates39.362086 N, 74.438797 W
Key peopleMontgomery Dahm, Tim Kelly[1]
Annual production volume700 US beer barrels (820 hL) in 2006

Tun Tavern Restaurant & Brewery is a brewpub in Atlantic City in Atlantic County, New Jersey.[2][3] The brewery opened to the public in 1998 and was named for the historical Tun Tavern, a colonial establishment located in Philadelphia from 1685–1781;[1][4] the brewery produced 550 barrels of beer in 2006.[1]

Beers and other products[edit]

Tun Tavern specializes in the production of English, Irish, German, and American-style beers.[1] Common beer styles made at the brewery include Berlin-style Weisse and hefeweizen, red ales, seasonal beers, weizenbocks, and west coast IPAs featuring hops grown locally in New Jersey.[5][6]

Licensing and associations[edit]

Tun Tavern has a restricted brewery license from the New Jersey Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control, which allows it to produce up to 10,000 barrels of beer per year, to sell on-premises, to wholesalers, and at festivals in the state, and to offer samples at off-premises charitable or civic events;[7][8] the brewery is a member of the Garden State Craft Brewers Guild.[9]

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