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"The Tureberg Building" is the seat of local government of Sollentuna Municipality
The courthouse

Tureberg is a neighbourhood[1] in Sollentuna Municipality, Stockholm County, Sweden with 18,208 inhabitants (2016).[2] It is a Stockholm suburb and houses the seat of local government for the municipality as well as a large shopping mall and a Stockholm commuter rail station.

Tureberg has also evolved as a law enforcement center for the northern part of metropolitan Stockholm, with police station,[3] court house,[4] prosecutor's office,[5] and a jail,[6] all in buildings built in the 1980s and onwards. The present courthouse was inaugurated in 2010.


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Coordinates: 59°25′43″N 17°56′09″E / 59.42861°N 17.93583°E / 59.42861; 17.93583