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Tymo Lin
Tymo Lin.jpg
Born Taipei,  Taiwan
Pen name Tymo Lin(Chinese: 提子墨)
Occupation Novelist & Columnist
Language Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English
Nationality  Canada /  Taiwan

-Vancouver Film School / 3D Animation & Visual Effects

-Pitman College / Desktop Publishing & Microsoft Interface study
Period 2006-present
Genres Mystery fiction, crime fiction, Travel essays, Column, Reportage
Notable awards The 4th Soji Shimada Mystery Awards finalist (2015)

Tymo Lin (Chinese: 提子墨; pinyin: Tí zi mò), the 4th Soji Shimada Mystery Awards finalist; mystery critic for books.com.tw;[1] member of The Mystery Writers of Taiwan Association; columnist for Distinctive Taste magazine[2] (San Francisco), World Journal Weekly (New York) and The Mess-Age (Taiwan).

Tymo Lin was born in Taipei, currently living in Canada, and graduated from The Vancouver Film School - 3D Animation & Visual Effects.  He was a columnist for nine years in North America and has frequently been giving lectures about mystery writing to readers in the USA.


His award winning mystery novel, The Thermosphere Murders, is about two American astronauts' murder cases and the abnormal explosion of a Russian spacecraft returning from the imaginary space station, "The Universal Space Station".  This unique new type of mystery was selected to be one of the top 3 finalists in "The 4th Soji Shimada Mystery Awards" and is currently in circulation at the San Francisco Public Library.

His 2016 novel, The Palace of Firebirds, is published by Showwe.  It is a mystery and a love story spanning half a century.  From the modern computer age back to those years when thousands of US Armed Forces from the Vietnam War were taking R&R in Taiwan.

Awards and honours[edit]

The 4th Soji Shimada Mystery Awards (finalist)

The 10th Mystery Writers of Taiwan Awards (first stage nomination)


Mystery Novels

Travel Book

  • Tracing The Sun, Spanning Over The 30°N Latitude (Traditional Chinese 追著太陽跑 ,一頭栽進去用力戰勝自己! 2016) ISBN 9789864451692

Short Stories



2016 Mystery Novels of Taiwan Promotion

2017 Showwe Writers' North American Tour

  • Tracing The Sun, 2017-06-10, North American Tour - Stop I: California | San Francisco Public Library[3]
  • Tracing The Sun, 2017-06-10, North American Tour - Stop II: California | Cupertino Amazing Books[4]
  • Tracing The Sun, 2017-06-11, North American Tour - Stop III: California | Culture Center Of TECO in San Francisco[5]
  • Tracing The Sun, 2017-06-17, North American Tour - Stop IV: Texas | Dallas Chinese Community Center[6]
  • Tracing The Sun, 2017-06-18, North American Tour - Stop V: Texas | Houston Chinese Cultural Center[7]


  • The Impossible Crime, 2015-10-03, with Xerxes at Agatha's Murder Ink[8]
  • The Writing Schemes for a Novel, 2016-07-10, with Amanda Chi at Kaohsiung International Book Fair
  • The Writing Schemes for a Novel, 2016-07-16, with Amanda Chi at New Taipei City Youth Library[9]
  • One for All and All for One, 2016-07-31, with Sc Chang and Chihwen Hsiung at King Car Art Gallery[10]
  • LOHAS is Easy, 2017-02-04, with TienLo Liang at Gov Books
  • Tracing The Sun Vs. Life in Silicon Valley, 2017-02-10, with TienLo Liang at Taipei International Book Fair[11]
  • UMA, UFO and Outer Space, 2017-02-10, at Taipei International Book Fair[12]
  • UMA, UFO and Outer Space, 2017-02-12, with Dr. Ho-Ling Fu at Taipei International Book Fair[13]
  • How to Write a Mystery Story? 2017-10-21 How Do I Promote Taiwan's Mystery Novels? at King Car Art Gallery[14]
  • One for All and All for One II, 2018-02-08 with Josef Lee, Xerxes and Chihwen Hsiungat at Agatha's Murder Ink[15]
  • The Wide World of Mystery, 2018-02-24 at Taichung ChinSui Library

Radio Interview[edit]


  • FM 92.3 The Universal FM, San Francisco, California, 2013-03-20, interviewed by Erin Liu[16]
  • FM 96.1 Sing Tao Chinese Radio, San Francisco, California, 2016-06-10, interviewed by Joron Lin[17]
  • FM 96.1 Sing Tao Chinese Radio, San Francisco, California, 2017-06-09, interviewed by Joron Lin[18]
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  • Tymo Lin Official Site[19]
  • The Mystery Writers of Taiwan[20]