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U.S. Route 19 marker

U.S. Route 19 Truck
Route information
Truck route of US 19
Maintained by PennDOT
Length19.4 mi[1] (31.2 km)
Major junctions
South end US 19 in Mt. Lebanon
  PA 51 in Pittsburgh

I-376 near Fort Pitt Tunnel
I-279 near Fort Pitt Bridge
PA 65 near Fort Duquesne Bridge
I-579 / PA 28 at I-279 interchange

I-279 in Northern Pittsburgh
North end US 19 in McCandless Township
Highway system

U.S. Route 19 Truck (US 19 Truck) is a truck route of U.S. Route 19 (US 19) located in Western Pennsylvania in the Pittsburgh Metro Area that has a length of 19 miles (31 km). It is a loop off US 19; the southern terminus located in Mt. Lebanon and the northern terminus in McCandless Township, connecting to US 19 at both ends. The route is notable for a large, unorthodox interchange with the Penn–Lincoln Parkway (I-376/US 22/US 30) just west of the Fort Pitt Tunnel, where the route joins the Parkway and forms several wrong-way concurrencies, including one with its own opposing directions.[2] North of Pittsburgh, U.S. Route 19 Truck is called McKnight Road and south of Pittsburgh it carries West Liberty Avenue and Washington Road.

Route description[edit]

Southern terminus to five-route concurrency[edit]

Diagram showing the northbound / southbound Truck US 19 concurrency
  Northbound lanes
  Southbound lanes

US 19 Truck begins as U.S. Route 19 enters Mount Lebanon along Washington Road. US 19 branches northwest to skirt Mt. Lebanon and Dormont, following Cochran Road, while US 19 Truck stays on Washington Road and continues through the centers of those towns; as US 19 Truck enters the southern parts of Pittsburgh, its name becomes West Liberty Avenue as it passes through the Beechview neighborhood. At the south portal of the Liberty Tunnel, US 19 Truck interchanges with Pennsylvania Route 51 (Saw Mill Run Boulevard) and joins it, following it north.

After 1.4 miles (2.3 km), US 19 Truck and PA 51 encounter the Penn–Lincoln Parkway, carrying I-376/US 22/US 30, at a complex, unorthodox interchange complex that stretches roughly half a mile along the Parkway and rests just south of the Fort Pitt Tunnel. Mainline US 19 also resides within this interchange, exiting the Parkway and traveling north to join PA 51. Here, US 19 Truck joins the Parkway.

Northbound US 19 Truck exits PA 51 at a left exit, turning toward the westbound Parkway, which also contains a right-in/right-out ramp for Woodville Avenue; the ramp merges into the southbound US 19 mainline ramp, forming a wrong-way concurrency, but remains separated from the Penn–Lincoln Parkway via Jersey barrier. The ramp travels for roughly half a mile in this fashion before making a U-shaped curve. Before this ramp passes under the Parkway, it merges with southbound US 19 Truck (which exits the Penn–Lincoln Parkway from the Fort Pitt Tunnel), forming a wrong-way concurrency with itself. Mainline US 19 separates after the underpass and travels southbound as Banksville Road, and the ramp (carrying north and south US 19 Truck) curves northward, joining with the northbound US 19 mainline; the ramp now merges into the Penn–Lincoln Parkway, forming four lanes of I-376/US 22/US 30/both directions of US 19 Truck/US 19. After a short stretch, southbound US 19 Truck exits south at the next ramp, removing one lane from the Parkway, and after passing under PA 51, northbound mainline US 19 exits as well, also removing a lane; the Penn–Lincoln Parkway, now with both directions carrying I-376/US 22/US 30/US 19 Truck and in an orthodox orientation, enter the Fort Pitt Tunnel.

Fort Pitt Tunnel to Interstate 279 Interchange[edit]

After exiting the Fort Pitt Tunnel, US 19 Truck/I-376/US 22/US 30 cross the Monongahela River on the Fort Pitt Bridge, arriving on the Golden Triangle of downtown Pittsburgh; the route meets the southern terminus of Interstate 279 here, and I-376/US 22/US 30 head eastward, while US 19 Truck separates from them and joins I-279 on its northward trek. The two routes then cross the Allegheny River on the Fort Duquesne Bridge. North of the bridge, I-279 and US 19 Truck interchange with the southern terminus of Pennsylvania Route 65 at exit 1C of I-279. Exit 1B is to PNC Park and exit 1C is for Heinz Field. At exit 1D and 2A, I-279 southbound splits into HOV lanes at the Interstate 279 Interchange; the Interstate 279 interchange involves the northern terminus of Interstate 579 and the southern terminus of Pennsylvania Route 28.

Exit 2 to northern terminus[edit]

North of Exit 2B, I-279 has HOV lanes and continues its concurrency with US 19 Truck towards the north. At exit 4, US 19 Truck splits from I-279 and US 19 Truck continues towards the north at-grade as McKnight Road, a frequently congested divided highway known locally as McNightmare Road.[3] In Ross Township, US 19 Truck interchanges with Babcock Boulevard and shifts towards the northwest; the remainder of the route widens to six lanes, and heavily lined with shopping centers and large malls. In McCandless Township, US 19 Truck interchanges with Ingomar Road. Northwest of Ingomar Boulevard, US 19 Truck turns west, paralleling and crossing Pine Creek before it terminates (ends) at a partial Y-interchange with U.S. Route 19.[1]


The roadway was signed as US 19 from 1941 to 1948; the route was signed in 1946 as a bypass route for trucks that were not allowed on US 19. In 1948, the southern terminus was moved from Banksville Road to its current location. In 1989, US 19 Truck's designation was moved to I-279 to form a complete US 19 Truck from Mount Lebanon to Wexford after the Parkway North was completed. In 1997, construction began on the interchange at the southern portal of the Liberty Tunnel, and opened to traffic on November 20, 1999.[4]

Major intersections[edit]

The entire route is in Allegheny County.

Locationmi[5]kmOld exitNew exitDestinationsNotes
Mt. Lebanon0.00.0 US 19 (Washington Road/Cochran Road) / Yellow BeltSouthern terminus
Dormont Blue Belt (Potomac Avenue)Southern end of Blue Belt concurrency
Blue Belt (Pioneer Avenue)Northern end of Blue Belt concurrency
Pittsburgh PA 51 south (Saw Mill Run Boulevard / Liberty Tunnel) – Uniontown, Downtown, South SideInterchange; southern end of PA 51 concurrency
South end of freeway section
US 19 north / PA 51 north – West End Bridge, DowntownInterchange; northern end of PA 51 concurrency; southern end of US 19 southbound concurrency northbound
I-376 west / US 22 west / US 30 west – Carnegie, AirportInterchange; southern end of I-376/US 22/US 30 concurrency southbound; northern end of US 19 southbound concurrency southbound, both directions of US 19 Truck overlap
US 19 south (Banksville Road)Northern end of US 19 southbound concurrency northbound; southern end of US 19 southbound concurrency southbound
US 19Southern end of US 19 northbound concurrency
I-376 / US 22 / US 30Southern end of I-376/US 22/US 30 concurrency
US 19 Truck south / PA 51 south – Uniontown
Northern end of concurrency between both directions of US 19 Truck
5C69C US 19 north / PA 51 north – West EndNorthern end of US 19 concurrency; eastbound exit and westbound entrance
Fort Pitt Tunnel under Mount Washington
5C69C PA 837 to PA 51 – West EndWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
Monongahela RiverFort Pitt Bridge
Pittsburgh6B70ABoulevard of the Allies / Liberty Avenue – PPG Paints ArenaEastbound exit and westbound entrance
6C70BFort Duquesne Boulevard – Convention Center, Strip DistrictEastbound exit and westbound entrance
6A I-376 east / US 22 east / US 30 east – MonroevilleNorthern end of I-376/US 22/US 30 concurrency; southern end of I-279 concurrency
6C1AFort Duquesne Boulevard – Convention Center, Strip DistrictSouthbound exit and northbound entrance
Allegheny RiverFort Duquesne Bridge
Pittsburgh7A1BNorth ShoreNo northbound entrance; access to Heinz Field, PNC Park, and Carnegie Science Center
7B1C PA 65 north (Ohio River Boulevard) to US 19Southern terminus of PA 65
9th StreetSouthbound exit and northbound entrance; HOV only
7C1D PA 28 north / Chestnut Street, Ohio Street – EtnaSouthbound exit is via exit 8B.
8A2A I-579 south (Veterans Bridge)Southbound exit and northbound entrance; northern terminus of I-579
8B2BEast StreetSouthbound exit and northbound entrance
93Hazlett StreetNorthbound exit and entrance
104Venture StreetSouthbound exit and entrance; provides access to US 19 Truck north
I-279 northNorth end of I-279 concurrency; I-279 exit 4
North end of freeway section
Nelson Run RoadInterchange
Ross TownshipBabcock Boulevard – West View, MillvaleInterchange
McCandless Green Belt (Babcock Boulevard / Peebles Road)
Yellow Belt (Ingomar Road)
US 19 north (Perry Highway)Northern terminus; northbound exit and southbound entrance
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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