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U.S. Route 377 marker

U.S. Route 377
Route information
Auxiliary route of US 77
Length478 mi (769 km)
Major junctions
South endUS 90.svgUS 277.svg US 90 / US 277 in Del Rio, TX
North endI-44.svgOklahoma State Highway 99.svg I-44 / SH-99 at Stroud, OK
StatesTexas, Oklahoma
Highway system

U.S. Route 377 (US 377) is a 478-mile-long (769 km) north–south United States highway. Originally formed as a short spur to connect Denton, Texas with Fort Worth, Texas, it has since been extended to Oklahoma and Mexico.

Route description[edit]


The southern terminus is in Del Rio, Texas at an intersection with U.S. Route 90. It goes north of town co-signed with U.S. Route 277 for 20 miles (32 km). After splitting off, it enters Edwards County and Carta Valley, it meets SH 55 at the county seat, Rocksprings, before serving as the western terminus of SH 41. It heads northeast into Kimble County, crossing the county line near Telegraph. At Junction, Texas, it meets both Interstate 10 and US 83, it then continues northeast through London, extreme southeastern Menard County, and Mason County. In Mason County, US 377 passes through Streeter before forming a concurrency with SH 29 near Grit. In Mason, SH 29 splits off to its own alignment while US 377 turns north to join U.S. Route 87.

US 87/377 head north together into Brady, where they meet US 190, the southern terminus of US 283, and SH 71. US 377 splits off to the north and heads to Mercury and crosses the Colorado River near Winchell. In Brownwood, US 377 joins with U.S. Route 67, following its routing all the way to Stephenville, where US 377 splits off on its own again. US 377 then enters Hood County, where it passes through the county seat, Granbury, it cuts the corners of both Johnson County and Parker County before entering Tarrant County and the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

US 377 crosses Interstate 20 at exit 429A in Benbrook, it then enters Fort Worth proper, meeting SH 183 and Spur 580. It runs northeast on Camp Bowie Blvd. to Interstate 30, which it begins a concurrency with. At the Interstate 35W junction, it heads north along that highway before splitting off at Exit 52A (Belknap St.). It heads due north at the Denton Highway and continues to run parallel to I-35W through many D/FW suburbs, including Haltom City, Watauga, Keller, Westlake, Roanoke, and Argyle. In Denton, it crosses Interstate 35E and has a brief concurrency with US 380 through the eastern portion of Denton into Crossroads.

After splitting from US 380, US 377 runs through Crossroads and north into Krugerville, it continues through Aubrey, through Pilot Point, Tioga, and Collinsville, before having an interchange with US 82 at Whitesboro. It the heads north to cross Lake Texoma (the Red River) into Oklahoma.


US 377 is co-signed with State Highway 99 for its entire Oklahoma length. US 377's first junction within Oklahoma is with SH-32 west of Kingston; the first town that US 377/SH-99 pass through is Madill, where the two highways meet US 70 and State Highway 199. The next town after that is Tishomingo, where there is a brief concurrency with SH-22. US 377/SH-99 run north from Tishomingo, having a one-mile (1.6 km) three-route concurrency with SH-7 before meeting State Highway 3 southeast of Ada. US 377/SH-99 run around the east and north sides of town. On the north side of Ada, SH-3E joins the concurrency.

After leaving Ada, US 377/SH-3E/99 pass through Byng; the three highways cross the Canadian River just south of a junction that serves as the eastern terminus of SH-39 and the western terminus of SH-56. North of Bowlegs, SH-59 joins with the other routes briefly; the next major town is Seminole, where the highways meet SH-9, and SH-3E splits off. US 377/SH-99 cross I-40 at Exit 200; the highways have a junction with US 62 in Prague.

As of 2007, the highway's northern terminus is in Stroud, Oklahoma at an indeterminate point somewhere between old Route 66 (now Oklahoma State Highway 66) and modern Interstate 44. SH-99 continues north into Kansas.


U.S. 377 in Texas[edit]

When US 377 was commissioned in 1930, US 77 connected Dallas, Texas with the north and south, but nearby Fort Worth lacked a direct northern connection. US 377 connected US 77 in Denton, Texas with US 81 in Fort Worth, forming a parallel route between Denton and Hillsboro, where US 81 met US 77; when the Interstate highway system was built, I-35 paralleled the Dallas–Fort Worth split with routes I-35E through Dallas (along US 77) and I-35W through Fort Worth (along US 377 and US 81). The section of US 377 in Texas north of Denton was signed as SH 99 until 1968.

The "Willis Bridge" crossing the Red River was constructed in 1968, it has guardrail damage causing the remaining bridge to be very narrow and has since been considered structurally deficient. Parts of the bridge have collapsed.[1][2][3] An original ETA of replacement was February 2018, costing $80 million. In November 2018, the Oklahoma Transportation Commission awarded a $43 million contract to replace the bridge with a new two-lane bridge scheduled to start construction in late December 2018 or early January 2019.[4]

U.S. 377 remained a two-lane highway between Denton and Fort Worth. It has since been widened with more construction scheduled. North of Denton, U.S. 377 is currently two lanes.

Oklahoma State Highway 99[edit]

Major intersections[edit]

TexasVal VerdeDel Rio0.00.0East plate.svg
US 90.svg
South plate.svg
US 277.svg
South plate.svg
Texas Spur 239.svg
South plate.svg
Texas Spur 297.svg
US 90 east / US 277 south / Spur 239 south (East Gibbs Street) / Spur 297 south (Veteran's Boulevard) – Laughlin AFB, Brackettville, Eagle Pass, Ciudad Acuña, Business District
Southern terminus; south end of US 90/US 277 overlap
4.47.1West plate.svg
US 90.svg
US 90 west – Comstock, Amistad NRA Visitor Information, Big Bend National Park
North end of US 90 overlap
5.58.9Texas Loop 79.svgTo plate.svg
US 90.svg
Loop 79 to US 90 – Eagle Pass, Laredo
17.628.3West plate.svg
Texas Recreational Road 2.svg
RE 2 west – Amistad National Recreation Area, Rough Canyon
26.642.8North plate.svg
US 277.svg
US 277 north – Sonora
North end of US 277 concurrency
Edwards40.865.7South plate.svg
Texas FM 2523.svg
To plate.svg
US 90.svg
FM 2523 south to US 90
72.6116.8South plate.svg
Texas RM 674.svg
RM 674 south – Brackettville, Kickapoo State Park
Rocksprings75.7121.8North plate.svg
Texas 55.svg
SH 55 north – Sonora
South end of SH 55 concurrency
76.2122.6South plate.svg
Texas 55.svg
SH 55 south – Uvalde
North end of SH 55 concurrency
78.1125.7North plate.svg
Texas RM 2630.svg
RM 2630 north
84.2135.5East plate.svg
Texas 41.svg
SH 41 east – Mountain Home
Kimble118.6190.9Texas Park Road 73.svg PR 73 – South Llano River State Park, Walter Buck WMA
Junction122.1196.5East plate.svg
Texas FM 2169.svg
FM 2169 east (Flatrock Lane) – Texas Tech University at Junction
122.9197.8East plate.svg
Texas Loop 481.svg
Loop 481 east (Main Street) – Kerrville
124.2199.9West plate.svg
Texas RM 1674.svg
RM 1674 west
124.5200.4I-10.svgSouth plate.svg
US 83.svg
I-10 / US 83 south – Fort Stockton, Uvalde, San Antonio, Sonora
South end of US 83 concurrency; I-10 exit 456
125.4201.8North plate.svg
US 83.svg
US 83 north – Menard
North end of US 83 concurrency
136.0218.9East plate.svg
Texas FM 3480.svg
To plate.svg
Texas RM 385.svg
FM 3480 east to RM 385
139.5224.5South plate.svg
Texas RM 385.svg
To plate.svg
US 290.svg
RM 385 south to US 290
143.9231.6North plate.svg
Texas RM 1221.svg
RM 1221 north – Hext
No major junctions
MasonGrit161.7260.2West plate.svg
Texas 29.svg
SH 29 west – Menard
South end of SH 29 overlap
165.9267.0South plate.svg
US 87.svg
East plate.svg
Texas 29.svg
US 87 south / SH 29 east – Llano, Mason
North end of SH 29 overlap; south end of US 87 overlap
see US 87
McCullochBrady193.2310.9North plate.svg
US 87.svg
To plate.svg
US 283.svg
US 87 north to US 283 – San Angelo
North end of US 87 concurrency
193.3311.1East plate.svg
Texas FM 714.svg
FM 714 east (East Main Street)
194.1312.4East plate.svg
US 190.svg
US 190 east – Rochelle, San Saba
North end of US 190 concurrency
194.7313.3North plate.svg
Texas FM 2996.svg
FM 2996 north
199.3320.7West plate.svg
Texas FM 1121.svg
FM 1121 west
South end of FM 1121 overlap
200.3322.4East plate.svg
Texas FM 1121.svg
FM 1121 east – Rochelle
North end of FM 1121 overlap
207.7334.3North plate.svg
Texas FM 1028.svg
FM 1028 north
215.8347.3East plate.svg
Texas FM 502.svg
FM 502 east
216.5348.4West plate.svg
Texas FM 765.svg
FM 765 west
South end of FM 765 overlap
216.7348.7East plate.svg
Texas FM 765.svg
To plate.svg
Texas FM 45.svg
FM 765 east to FM 45 – Elm Grove
North end of FM 765 overlap
BrownDulin224.8361.8North plate.svg
Texas FM 586.svg
FM 586 north – Brookesmith, Trickham
South end of FM 586 overlap
225.9363.6South plate.svg
Texas FM 586.svg
FM 586 south
North end of FM 586 overlap
233.8376.3North plate.svg
Texas FM 1176.svg
FM 1176 north – Trickham
235.8379.5South plate.svg
Texas FM 45.svg
FM 45 south – Richland Springs, T.R. Havins Unit, Gordon Wood Stadium
236.8381.1East plate.svg
Texas FM 3064.svg
FM 3064 east (Morris Sheppard Drive) – Gordon Wood Stadium
Brownwood239.2385.0Fisk Street / Carnegie Street / Coleman AvenueInterchange
240.0386.2Texas FM 2524.svg FM 2524 (Austin Avenue) – Downtown Historic Area, Howard Payne University
240.8387.5South plate.svg
US 67.svg
West plate.svg
US 84.svg
To plate.svg
Texas 279.svg
US 67 south / US 84 west (West Commerce Street) to SH 279 – Coleman
South end of US 67 / US 84 concurrency
see US 67
ErathStephenville301.6485.4North plate.svg
US 67.svg
US 67 north – Glen Rose
North end of US 67 concurrency
302.0486.0US 281.svg US 281 – Mineral Wells, Hico, Airport
302.4486.7Texas FM 205.svg FM 205 – Cedar Point
304.0489.2South plate.svg
Business plate.svg
US 377.svg
Bus. US 377 south – Stephenville
314.5506.1West plate.svg
Texas FM 1188.svg
FM 1188 west – Morgan Mill
Bluff Dale316.1508.7South plate.svg
Texas FM 2481.svg
FM 2481 south
Hood322.2518.5South plate.svg
Texas FM 2870.svg
FM 2870 south (Rock Church Highway)
Tolar322.9519.7North plate.svg
Texas FM 56.svg
FM 56 north (Tolar Highway)
South end of FM 56 overlap
323.2520.1South plate.svg
Texas FM 56.svg
FM 56 south – Glen Rose
North end of FM 56 overlap
Granbury329.1529.6North plate.svg
Texas Loop 567.svg
Loop 567 north – Weatherford
329.8530.8North plate.svg
Business plate.svg
US 377.svg
Bus. US 377 north – Granbury, Historical District, Airport
330.9532.5Texas 144.svg SH 144 – Granbury, Glen RoseInterchange
333.2536.2South plate.svg
Business plate.svg
US 377.svg
North plate.svg
Texas FM 4.svg
Bus. US 377 south / FM 4 north – Granbury, Historical District
Interchange; south end of FM 4 overlap
335.3539.6South plate.svg
Texas FM 4.svg
FM 4 south – Acton
North end of FM 4 overlap
336.4541.4North plate.svg
Texas FM 167.svg
FM 167 north
South end of FM 167 overlap
337.5543.2South plate.svg
Texas FM 167.svg
FM 167 south – Acton, Camp El Tesoro
North end of FM 167 overlap
Cresson343.9553.5Texas 171.svg SH 171 – Weatherford, Cleburne
No major junctions
No major junctions
TarrantWheatland352.1566.7East plate.svg
Texas FM 1187.svg
FM 1187 east – Crowley
South end of FM 1187 overlap
352.6567.5West plate.svg
Texas FM 1187.svg
FM 1187 west
North end of FM 1187 overlap
Benbrook356.2573.2West plate.svg
Texas RM 2871.svg
RM 2871 west
I-20.svgNorth plate blue.svg
I-20 / I-820 north
I-20 exit 429A
Fort Worth360.8–
Texas 183.svgTo plate.svg
Texas Spur 580.svg
SH 183 (Alta Mere Drive / Southwest Boulevard) to Spur 580
traffic circle
361.7582.1West plate.svg
Texas Spur 580.svg
To plate.svg
Texas 183.svg
Spur 580 west (Camp Bowie West Boulevard) to SH 183
No left turn northbound
Camp Bowie BoulevardInterchange; northbound exit and southbound entrance
363.9585.6West plate blue.svg
I-30 west – Abilene
Southbound exit and northbound entrance; south end of I-30 overlap; US 377 south follows exit 9B
see I-30
East plate blue.svg
South plate blue.svg
South plate.svg
US 287.svg
East plate.svg
Texas 180.svg
I-30 east / I-35W south / US 287 south / SH 180 east (East Lancaster Street) – Dallas, Waco
North end of I-30 overlap; south end of I-35W / US 287 overlap; US 377 north follows exit 15A; US 377 south follows exit 51
369.2594.2Texas Spur 280.svg Spur 280 – Downtown Fort WorthI-35W exit 52A, access to Fort Worth Central Station
North plate blue.svg
North plate.svg
US 287.svg
North plate.svg
Texas 121.svg
West plate.svg
Texas Spur 347.svg
I-35W north / US 287 north / SH 121 north / Spur 347 west (Belknap Street) – Denton, D/FW Airport
North end of I-35W / US 287 overlap; US 377 north follows exit 52B
Haltom City373.3600.8West plate.svg
Texas 183.svg
SH 183 west (Northeast 28th Street)
South end of SH 183 overlap
373.9601.7East plate.svg
Texas 183.svg
SH 183 east (East Belknap Street)
North end of SH 183 overlap
I-820.svg I-820 (Northeast Loop 820) / I-820 ExpressI-820 exit 19
Keller383.2616.7East plate.svg
Texas FM 1709.svg
FM 1709 east (Keller Parkway) / Golden Triangle Boulevard – GrapevineModule:Jct warning: "road" parameter is deprecated
Texas 170.svg SH 170Proposed upgrade to interchange
DentonRoanoke388.3624.9To plate.svg
Business plate.svg
Texas 114.svg
To Bus. SH 114 / Denton Drive (Loop 118)Module:Jct warning: "road" parameter is deprecated
Texas 114.svg SH 114Proposed upgrade to interchange
Flower Mound392.2631.2Texas FM 1171.svg FM 1171 – Lewisville
Argyle395.5636.5Texas FM 407.svgTo plate blue.svg
FM 407 to I-35E – Justin
Denton401.6646.3South plate.svg
Texas FM 1830.svg
To plate.svg
Texas FM 407.svg
FM 1830 south (Country Club Road) to FM 407 – Bartonville
I-35E.svg I-35EI-35E exit 465B
403.9650.0South plate.svg
US 77.svg
US 77 south (East Eagle Drive)
South end of US 77 concurrency
404.6651.1East plate.svg
Texas FM 426.svg
FM 426 east (McKinney Street)
405.6652.7North plate.svg
US 77.svg
West plate.svg
US 380.svg
To plate.svg
Texas FM 428.svg
US 77 north (North Locust Street) / US 380 west (West University Drive) to FM 428
North end of US 77 concurrency, south end of US 380 concurrency
408.1656.8Texas Loop 288.svgWest plate.svg
Truck plate.svg
US 380.svg
Loop 288 / US 380 Truck west
Cross Roads412.6664.0East plate.svg
US 380.svg
US 380 east – McKinney
Interchange; north end of US 380 concurrency
414.7667.4South plate.svg
Texas FM 424.svg
FM 424 south
Aubrey418.2673.0Texas FM 428.svg FM 428 (Springhill Road) – Aubrey, Celina
420.2676.2South plate.svg
Texas FM 3524.svg
FM 3524 south
Pilot Point423.2681.1West plate.svg
Texas FM 455.svg
FM 455 west – Sanger, Ray Roberts Lake and State Park
South end of FM 455 overlap
423.9682.2North plate.svg
Business plate.svg
US 377.svg
Bus. US 377 north
425.4684.6East plate.svg
Texas FM 455.svg
West plate.svg
Texas FM 1192.svg
FM 455 east / FM 1192 west (East Liberty Street) – Pilot Point, Celina
North end of FM 455 overlap
426.7686.7South plate.svg
Business plate.svg
US 377.svg
Bus. US 377 south (North Washington Street) – Pilot Point
GraysonTioga430.2692.3North plate.svg
Business plate.svg
US 377.svg
Bus. US 377 north (South Donation Street)
430.7693.1East plate.svg
Texas FM 121.svg
FM 121 east (Sherman Street) – Gunter
431.0693.6South plate.svg
Business plate.svg
US 377.svg
Bus. US 377 south (North Donation Street)
431.6694.6West plate.svg
Texas FM 922.svg
FM 922 west – Valley View
Collinsville436.8703.0North plate.svg
Business plate.svg
US 377.svg
Bus. US 377 north (South Main Street)
437.0703.3Texas FM 902.svg FM 902 (Locust Street) – Lake Kiowa, Ethel
437.9704.7South plate.svg
Business plate.svg
US 377.svg
Bus. US 377 south (North Main Street)
440.1708.3North plate.svg
Business plate.svg
US 377.svg
Bus. US 377 north – Whitesboro
Whitesboro443.5713.7Texas Spur 129.svgTo plate.svg
Texas 56.svg
Spur 129 to SH 56 – Whitesboro, Sherman
445.1716.3South plate.svg
Business plate.svg
US 377.svg
Bus. US 377 south – Whitesboro
US 82.svg US 82 – Gainesville, ShermanInterchange; US 82 exit 624
454.5731.4South plate.svg
Texas FM 901.svg
FM 901 south – Gordonville
South end of FM 901 overlap
455.2732.6North plate.svg
Texas FM 901.svg
FM 901 north – Sheppard AFB Annex
North end of FM 901 overlap
Lake Texoma460.4
Willis Bridge; Texas–Oklahoma line
Begin plate.svg
Oklahoma State Highway 99.svg
SH-99 begins
See SH-99
OklahomaLincolnStroud139.9225.1North plate.svg
Oklahoma State Highway 99.svg
I-44.svgTurner Turnpike.svg SH-99 north / I-44 / Turner Turnpike – Oklahoma City, Tulsa
ODOT lists this as northern terminus; I-44 exit 179; road continues as SH-99 north
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Texas State Highway Loop 118[edit]

Texas State Highway Loop 118 (Loop 118) is a short and unsigned loop highway. The highway connects Highway 377 to Business State Highway 114 (Bus. SH 114) without the need for an intersection between those highways; the loop is just 0.209 miles (0.336 km) long, and is located entirely within the downtown portion of the town of Roanoke, Texas. The highway was first designated on February 4, 1941; the original route traveled from US 377 just south of Roanoke, along Oak Street, past Bus. SH 114 northward to SH 114, with State Highway Spur 118 (Spur 118) going from Loop 118 to US 377 via Denton Drive.[5] On September 26, 1996, the stretch of Oak St. traveling from US 377 to Denton Dr. was given back to the city of Roanoke.

The entire route is in Roanoke, Denton County.

0.0000.000US 377.svg US 377 (Front Street) – Ft. Worth, DentonSouthern terminus; road continues west as Denton Drive
0.2090.336Business plate.svg
Texas 114.svg
Bus. SH 114 (Byron Nelson Boulevard)
Northern terminus; road continues as Oak Street
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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