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UCL Mons
Former names
Facultés universitaires catholiques de Mons
Type Catholic, free university (state funded)
Established 1896[1]
Affiliation Université catholique de Louvain
Rector Vincent Blondel
Location Mons, Hainaut, Belgium
Website http://uclouvain.be/mons
Ateliers of the FUCaM

UCL Mons is the implementation of the Catholic University of Louvain (UCL) in Mons, Wallonia, Belgium. Until 2011, it was an independent institution known as the Catholic university of Mons (French name: Facultés universitaires catholique de Mons, abbreviation: FUCaM in 1965)[2]. It is a catholic university funded by the French Community of Belgium for whom it holds the status of a free institution, its official language is French.[3]

UCL Mons is one of the two universities in the city Mons, the other being the University of Mons, and the main implementation of the UCL in the province of Hainaut, along with UCL Charleroi and UCL Tournai. Before the merger of 2011, the FUCaM were one of the 9 Belgian French-speaking universities[4],[5].

Academic programs[edit]

The UCL Mons hosts two faculties of the University of Louvain:

  • The Louvain School of Management with bachelor's and master's degrees in management and economics.
  • The Faculty of Economic, Social, Political and Communication Sciences with degrees in political sciences, public administration, sociology, anthropology, and information-communication.[4]


UCL is accredited by the "direction générale de l'Enseignement non obligatoire et de la recherche scientifique",[1] the diplomas issued at UCL Mons are diplomas of the Université catholique de Louvain, issued by the French-speaking Community of Belgium.

Affiliations & partnerships[edit]

Until 2011, the FUCaM were part of the Académie Louvain network of French-speaking catholic universities of Belgium, with the intention to merge into a single institution.[6]

As part of the UCL since 2011, the university is part of The Guild, CEMS, CESAER, CLUSTER, Coimbra Group, IMCC and TIME.

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