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Broderipia nitidissima

Broderipia nitidissima is a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Trochidae, the top snails. The height of the shell attains its diameter 9 mm; the shell is ovate-oblong and symmetrical. The apex is subcentral; the shell is radiately ribbed. The ribs are strong, simple, whitish; the interstices are irregularly marbled with brown. The interior is vividly pearly, with a rather large central spot of dull white notched in front, bounded by the whitish muscle-impression; the rest of the inside has a nacre of unequaled brilliancy with opalescent reflections. This species occurs in the Indian Ocean off Réunion. To Biodiversity Heritage Library To World Register of Marine Species

List of species occurring in Britain at a single location

The following is a list of native plant and animal species which are found in Britain, but only at a single location. Key to conservation designations for species: RDB - Red Data Book with three subdivisions - critically endangered - endangered - vulnerable W&CA 8 - Schedule 8 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981Key to conservation designations for sites: NNR - national nature reserve SSSI - Site of Special Scientific Interest This section lists non-critical species and critical species in the smaller apomictic genera. Common crane, although occurring in fluctuating numbers as a scarce spring and autumn migrant through Britain, with occasional individuals or pairs wintering or summering, has only established a single breeding population, in the Norfolk Broads.

Riot dog

Riot dog is a term used by English-speaking media denoting any of the stray dogs that, in recent years, accompany street protesters in Athens, Greece. It has been observed that a number of these dogs remain among the protesters when violent rioting breaks out. Greece's Riot Dogs have acquired, through the years, a large following of fans around the world. Kanellos, a distinct blonde, mixed-breed canine, was arguably the first incarnation of the Greek Riot Dog, his maiden appearance was in photographs taken at a general assembly of students in the occupied National Technical University of Athens. Kanellos became famous in the 2008 Greek riots, when Greek photographers and cameramen started to notice a dog that kept appearing in their footage; the stray seemed to always walk side with the protesters. According to reports by witnesses, Kanellos, in his final years, suffered from arthritis, which motivated a group of college students to collect money and purchase him a dog's wheelchair; this allowed him to live indoors, among the students.

Thodoris is a Kanellos look-alike, believed to be one of Kanellos' pups. Thodoris is a light golden-colored, mixed breed dog, despite being a stray, has been provided with all the necessary medical shots, as evidenced by his blue collar. Loukanikos or more Louk, sometimes confused by the media for Kanellos, has been present at nearly every recent protest in Athens in the past few years; this stray has ostensibly become the symbol of Greek protests against the IMF- and ECB-prompted austerity measures. There's uncertainty about the claim that Thodoris may, in fact, be the same dog. In September 2011, on the occasion of a striking policemen's union marching in the centre of Athens, according to eyewitnesses, was "initially confused" between two opposite sides both of uniformed policemen but, when the riot police contingent attacked their striking colleagues, the dog sided with "those who were being attacked." Loukanikos' health was "severely burdened" by the inhaling of tear gas and other chemicals during the many riots in which he participated but lived until ten years of age, dying peacefully on 9 October 2014 at the home of a person who cared for him.

In Chile, in the 2010s, a stray dog has been seen accompanying student protests. Protesters named him "Negro Matapacos", or refer to him as "El Negro". Matapacos died in 26 August 2017 of old age with people by his side. During the Chilean protests of 2019-2020, other dogs have been seen along Chilean protesters; such is the case of Pepe Matapacos in Vaquita in Antofagasta. In 2011, American singer/songwriter David Rovics released a song entitled "The Riot Dog". 2008 Greek riots 2010–2011 Greek protests Loukaniko Kanellos | Facebook Louk | Facebook Loukanikos | Facebook "The Greek protest dog" picture gallery in The Guardian "Sausage, the riot dog of Greece", Reuters report "Greece's front-line riot dog", BBC News "Riot dog stands his ground as Greek firefighters protest in Central Athens-March 26, 2009", independent media

Nick Sinai

Nick Sinai is a venture capitalist, adjunct faculty at Harvard Kennedy School, a former senior official in the Obama Administration. Nick was the Deputy Chief Technology Officer of the United States, he assumed this role under the second Chief Technology Officer of the United States, Todd Park, continued under Megan Smith. Sinai was a Senior Advisor to Park as well as to the first U. S. CTO, Aneesh Chopra, starting in 2010. Nick was a volunteer on the Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential campaign and was selected to the leadership team of her Tech and Innovation transition team. During the campaign, he contributed to the Hillary for America policy proposal on technology and innovation, a policy memo on transforming procurement. Nick is a regular contributor to the TV Show Government Matters, has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal and the Economist; as Adjunct Lecturer in Public Policy at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, Nick teaches the field class “Technology and Innovation in Government.”

His students learn user-centered design, user-testing, how to hack bureaucracies with empathy to get stuff done. Nick was the inaugural Walter Shorenstein Media and Democracy Fellow at the Shorenstein Center on Media and Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School, where he focused on data as public infrastructure and the media and economic implications of providing greater public access to government data. Nick is a faculty affiliate of the Shorenstein Center. Nick co-authored a 2017 Harvard Business School case about the U. S. Digital Service, a Politico op-ed on digital government, is a regular blogger about modernizing government. Nick is a faculty affiliate and co-founder of Digital HKS, a new initiative at the Harvard Kennedy School to train public leaders to understand digital technologies to improve public leadership, activate civic participation, inform governance. Nick has argued large tech companies should “strengthen their infrastructure for policing their platforms and be much more transparent” saying that "tech companies need to realize that presumption of good faith is eroding," and that "they need to make sure they are good neighbors, good employers, good at delivering on the promises they make to customers, think hard about who they have been leaving out or affecting."Nick is a faculty mentor to the Harvard Open Data Project, a group of over 40 Harvard College students showcasing uses of Harvard University data—including predicting the results of the undergraduate student government election.

Nick is an advisor to Coding It Forward, a student-led nonprofit empowering computer science, data science, design students to create social good—starting with federal agency internships. Coding It Forward, in year two, placed 36 technology students in six federal agencies: Census, HHS, GSA, ITA, VA, the State Department. Nick is a Senior Venture Partner at Insight Venture Partners. Founded in 1995, Insight Venture Partners has raised more than $23 billion and invested in more than 300 growth-stage software and data companies, including $6.3 billion for its latest fund 10. The firm has over 150 current portfolio companies, has overseen over 225 M&A transactions and has participated in more than 40 IPOs. In the first six months of 2018, three of the top 10 highest valued US venture-backed companies that went public were Insight portfolio companies. Nick joined Insight in late 2014. Nick helped invest in Virgin Pulse and Recorded Future; as U. S. Deputy CTO, Nick led President Obama’s Open Data Initiatives to liberate data to fuel innovation and economic growth.

A prominent advocate and frequent speaker for Open Data, he has said “government data is a valuable asset and should be available wherever possible” and that data “should be thought of as infrastructure." He contributed to President Obama’s Executive Order 13642, the re-launch of, Project Open Data, the U. S. Digital Services Playbook, the G8 Open Data Charter, the White House Big Data report, the U. S. Open Data Action Plan. Nick led Administration efforts to give Americans easier access to their own data and to advance the idea that Americans deserve secure access to their own healthcare, student loan and other personal data in machine-readable formats. Nick launched the White House’s Green Button Initiative, a public-private effort to provide electricity customers online access to their own energy usage data, he led the Open Government Initiative and developed the second U. S. Open Government Plan, to ensure that the federal government is more transparent and collaborative. Improvements underway as part of the plan include greater fiscal transparency, opening up the We the People online petition platform, improving service for Freedom of Information Act requests.

Nick was part of the U. S. delegation at the Open Government Partnership Head of State event, where President Obama unveiled new transparency commitments to improve accessibility to federal financial data, improve federal digital services, strengthen patient privacy in the health care system, develop a federal open source software policy. Nick helped start and grow the Presidential Innovation Fellows program, which brings tech-savvy entrepreneurs into the federal government for year-long "tours of duty", with a particular focus on data innovation projects. Nick contributed to the launch and growth of U. S. Digital Service, including co-authoring part of the Digital Services Playbook. In January 2017, with less than an hour left in office, President Obama signed the TALENT Act, bipartisan legislation that made the Presidential Innovation Fellows Program a permanent part of the Federal government. Nick’s role in the legislation and the

Kate Raynes-Goldie

Dr. Kate Raynes-Goldie is a Western Australian-based interactive producer, AR/MR game designer and technology researcher, the first Director of Interactive Programs at FTI. In 2016, she was awarded the Australian Computer Society's Digital Disruptors Professional of the Year, won WAITTA Incite’s Achiever of the Year. In 2015 and 2016, she was named one of the 75 most influential women in the games industry in Australia and New Zealand by MCV and a finalist for Curtin University's Alumni Professional Achievement Award in Humanities. Raynes-Goldie co-founded Atmosphere Industries, a game design studio, she co-authored the first scholarly examination of friending on social networks and in 2007 co-created Ghost Town, an ARG aimed at exploring Perth. She gave a talk on physical-world based gaming at TEDxPerth, she has a BA in Philosophy and Semiotics from the University of Toronto and holds a PhD in internet studies from Curtin University, her thesis was titled'Privacy in the Age of Facebook'. The thesis was the 6th most downloaded thesis of all time, from the Curtin University library repository as of May 2014.

Her games have been featured at international venues including Indiecade, Come Out and Play, the National Theatre, Fresh Air and the TIFF Sprockets. Raynes-Goldie received funding from the MacArthur Foundation's Digital Media and Learning Initiative, which resulted in her co-authored chapter in Civic Life Online, published by MIT press