USNS Bold (T-AGOS-12)

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OSV Bold.jpg
OSV Bold docked in Port Canaveral, Florida.
United States
Ordered: 30 September 1987
Builder: Tacoma Boatbuilding Company
Laid down: 13 June 1988
Launched: 24 May 1989
Acquired: 16 October 1989
Struck: 3 March 2004
Status: Transferred to the EPA
General characteristics
Class and type: Stalwart-class ocean surveillance ship
Displacement: 2500 tons
Length: 224 ft (68 m)
Draft: 15 feet
Propulsion: Diesel Electric
Speed: 11 knots (20 km/h; 13 mph)
Complement: 19 crew, 20 scientists
Sensors and
processing systems:
underwater video, sidescan sonar, and general sampling instruments such as corers, dredges, and trawls

The Ocean Survey Vessel (OSV) Bold was operated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Originally commissioned as the USNS Victorious, it was renamed USNS Bold (T-AGOS-12) and was a Stalwart-class Auxiliary General Ocean Surveillance Ship of the [Military Sealift Command of the United States Navy, as designated by the "T" preface to her AGOS classification].[1] Stalwart class ships were originally designed to collect underwater acoustical data in support of Cold war anti-submarine warfare operations in the 1980s.

The ship was transferred to the EPA in 2004. The ship is equipped with sidescan sonar, underwater video, water and sediment sampling instruments in study of ocean and coastline. One of the major missions of the Bold is to monitor sites where materials are dumped from dredging operations in U.S. ports for ecological impact.[2][3] In 2013, the Bold was awarded to Seattle Central Community College (SCCC) by the General Services Administration. SCCC demonstrated in a competition that they would put it to the highest and best purpose, and acquired the ship at a cost of $5,000.[4]

However, by 2015 SCCC had failed to develop the plans for the BOLD which they had pledged to the GSA to implement and as such GSA placed the ship for sale to the general public. By the middle of the year the ship was auctioned to an undisclosed party who moved the ship to Lake Union Drydock in Seattle for layberthing. The ship has since been placed for sale on eBay for $4M.


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