Udom Taepanich

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Udom Taepanich
Born (1968-09-01) September 1, 1968 (age 49)
Chonburi, Thailand
Residence Bangkok
Occupation Comedian, Writer, Artist
Height 1.60 m (5 ft 3 in)

Udom Taepanich (Thai: อุดม แต้พานิช; RTGSUdom Taepanich), also known by the nickname Note (Thai: โน้ต), is a stand-up comedian, artist and writer. He was named as One of the best Persons of the Century in Performing Arts by Nation Publishing Group In year 2000. He is well known as Diew 1-11(Stand Up Comedy).


Udom Taepanich was born on September 1, 1968, in Chonburi, Thailand. He is the son of Tongsuk Arilon and Somjit Taepanich. He is the second of three children. Since being a member of the famous Yutthakarn Kayubnguek Team in 1993, Udom Taepanich has been a success in the entertainment field. He later decided to exit the team and his television show. In 1995, he started a live stand-up comedy series called “Diew”, and as of August 2017, there are eleven shows in the Diew series. He then made a one off show called "Moo" which was him and other Thai celebrities doing stand-up and also performing their arts. He is one of the most famous comedians in Thailand and his shows are always best sellers.