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UMvelinqangi is an IsiZulu word which translates to the Most High or Divine Consciousness; that is considered the source of all that has been, that is and all that ever will be. UMvelinqangi contrary to widespread belief is not personified(not made to seem like a person or external being). Umvelinqangi is most accurately described as the inner light of creation. Ukukhothama(meditation) was a widespread practice prior westernisation among the Zulu clan. Ukukhothama was seen as a way of attaining ubunye noMvelinqangi(oneness with the divine conscious), This practice is primarily the reason why the amaZulu clan survived through the ages without any form of western/modern resources.

The attainment/realisation of uMvelinqangi enabled the amaZulu to find natural cures and solutions for their ailments, much like the tribes of the Amazon rain forest today.



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