Un'estate al mare

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Un'estate al mare
Directed by Carlo Vanzina
Enrico Vanzina
Written by Carlo Vanzina
Enrico Vanzina
Starring Massimo Ceccherini
Alessandro Paci
Lino Banfi
Enrico Brignano
Nancy Brilli
Ezio Greggio
Enzo Salvi
Biagio Izzo
Alena Seredova
Maurizio Mattioli
Edited by Carlo Vanzina
Enrico Vanzina
Release date
  • 27 June 2008 (2008-06-27)
Running time
110 minutes
Country Italy
Language Italian

Un'estate al mare is a 2008 film directed by Carlo Vanzina and Enrico Vanzina.


The film tells the story of a group of people during the summer: football fans, loving couples, single fathers, beautiful women and businessmen, emigrants who return to their country and great dramatic actors forced into comic situations etc.

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