Unbelievable Mysteries Solved

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"Unbelievable Mysteries Solved"
Lost and Found episode
Episode no. Season 1
Series 8
Narrated by D. B. Sweeney
Original air date March 2, 2013 (2013-03-02)

"Unbelievable Mysteries Solved" is the eighth and final episode of Lost and Found season one that originally aired on the Oprah Winfrey Network on March 2, 2013.[1] This series documentary contains three unrelated segments, with a common theme, each has a driven woman touched by people who care about them and their plight and who go on an unbelievable journey and achieve what they were seeking. The episode received coverage on several social media sites due to a segment about a lost dog that was miraculously recovered after two years.

Cast and Crew[edit]

  • Executive Producers: Eric Schotz and Lisa Bourgoujian.
  • Supervising Producer: Paul Amirault.
  • Series Producer: Jan Lonsdale.
  • Senior Producer: Elizabeth Meeker.
  • Producers: Lou Decosta and Jan Kimbruagh.
  • Editors: Scott Reynolds,Claudia Hoover,Kevin Hudnell and Paul Yates.
  • Segment Directors: Eric Schotz, Lisa Bougoujian and John Tindall
  • Segment Producers: Annette Lassen & Robyn Salzman
  • Field Producers: Cindy Anderson, Lynn Birdwell, Nicole Frost, Jeni Nilson, Madeeine Pollok and Fred Silverman


  • Selina Hodge: (Segment 1-Girl in search of kidney)
  • Gina Evans: (Segment 1-Selina’s mom)
  • Stephanie Grant: (Segment 1-Woman who donated Selina her kidney.)
  • Leia: (Segment 2-lost dog)
  • Alma Dominguez: (Segment 2-Dog owner)
  • Alberto Dominguez: (Segment 2-Dog owner)
  • Ann Marie Anderson: (Segment 2-Finder of lost dog)
  • Sandra (Sandy) Shelton: (Segment 3- Student who tracks down West Virginia’s Moon Rock)
  • Joseph Gutheinz (Segment 3- Sandy’s Professor)


In segment 1, Selina Hodge, faces death without a new kidney and with the help of her mother, Gina Evans, they reach out on Craigslist asking anyone to donate one of their kidneys to save a life, Selina's life. When a television newsman reads Craigslist he does a story on Selina’s quest and a 23-year-old stranger, Stephanie Grant, steps forward and donates her kidney.[2][3][4][5][6]

In segment 2, Alma Dominguez and Alberto Dominguez lose their dog Leia and for two years they hunt for her and when they almost give up their query, they learn that a dog lover by the name of Ann Marie Anderson had found their dog not in El Paso Texas, where the dog went missing, but in Colorado, 700 miles away. The segment ends with the return of Leia to the Dominguez’s.[7]

In segment 3, University of Phoenix graduate student Sandy Shelton is given a mission by her criminal justice Professor, Joseph Gutheinz, to hunt down a missing moon rock. The moon rock she selected to track down was the West Virginia Apollo 17 Goodwill Moon Rock, worth $5 million. After running into initial difficulty Sandy Shelton asks for the Charleston Gazette newspaper for assistance and finally she receives a call that leads her to West Virginia's long lost Apollo 17 Goodwill Moon Rock. The segment ends when Sandy Shelton and Professor Gutheinz learn that the West Virginia Apollo 17 Goodwill Moon Rock will be placed in the West Virginia State Museum, across from the State Capitol, next to a plaque telling of Sandy Shelton’s successful effort to recover it.[8][9][10]

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