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Undressed is an American anthology series that aired on MTV from July 26, 1999 to September 5, 2002. The series was created and executive produced by British director Roland Joffé; the series follows the relationships of young people high schoolers, college students, twenty somethings in the Los Angeles area. The series was controversial for its frank discussions about sex, including depictions of promiscuous behavior between teens, as well as same-sex relationships; each season had several recurring characters with each episode focused on two or three specific characters with plotlines presented as interweaved vignettes. Each season had stories end while others were still running and the stories would run for various lengths of time. Undressed ran for six seasons, from July 26, 1999 to September 5, 2002; as indicated below, the series is notable for featuring early performances by a number of actors who went on to greater notability in television and cinema. Season 1 ran from July to September 1999, had 30 episodes.

Notable cast members included: Dante Basco Marc Blucas Sam Doumit Luke Edwards Reagan Gomez-Preston Nicholas Gonzalez Christina Hendricks Erica Hubbard Jon Huertas Frankie Ingrassia Bryce Johnson Brandon Keener Trevor Lissauer Sarah Lancaster Thad Luckinbill Jeremy Maxwell Peter Paige Pedro Pascal Christopher Pettiet Eyal Podell Nick Stabile Bree Turner Season 2 ran from February to March 2000, had 30 episodes. Notable cast members included: Rukiya Bernard Anastasia Horne Sara Downing Rose Freymuth-Frazier Jay Hernandez Travis Wester Chad Michael Murray Katee Sackhoff Darryl Stephens Jason Thompson Jerry Trainor Cerina Vincent Lauren Woodland J. August Richards Season 3 lasted from July to August 2000, had 30 episodes. Notable cast members included: Aimee Allen Kristina Anapau Adam Brody Marcus Coloma Jason David Frank Max Greenfield Bret Harrison Alyson Kiperman Iyari Limon Diane Mizota Sam Page Teal Redmann Jason Ritter Brandon Routh Lauren German Season 4 ran from January to March 2001, had 40 episodes.

Notable cast members included: Brandon Beemer Johnny Lewis Sarah Jane Morris Alisan Porter Beth Riesgraf Michelle Ongkingco Season 5 ran from July to September 2001, had 40 episodes. Notable cast members included: Katie Aselton Scott Clifton Mike Erwin Autumn Reeser Adrienne Wilkinson Chez Starbuck Jennifer Tisdale Season 6 ran from June to September 2002, had 52 episodes, it was produced in Canada, utilizing Canadian actors. Notable cast members included: Natalie Brown Karen Cliche Rachelle Lefevre Kim Poirier Anna Silk Sarah Smyth Michael Urie Elizabeth Whitmere The show's head writers were Michael Grodner and Swith Bell, while Neil Landau served as the co-head writer. Jennifer M. Johnson was a writer for the series. Undressed was filmed in Los Angeles for the first five seasons, in Montreal, Canada for the sixth and final season. In January 2010, episodes ran on Logo. In November 2018, it was reported that a reboot of the series is in the works at MTV Studios with original series creator Roland Joffé attached as executive producer.

Said Pamela Post: “Undressed was ahead of its time and we’re looking forward to developing the series for a whole new generation. Much has changed in the dating/relationship world since the series first premiered and we’re excited to showcase how both have evolved.” Undressed on IMDb Undressed at

Trev Broudy

Treve "Trev" G. Broudy is an American actor and former model. Broudy came to national attention when he became the victim of a violent attack in 2002, which touched off a national discussion of hate crimes, drawing comparisons to the Matthew Shepard case. On September 1, 2002, Broudy and friend Edward Ulett were attacked after embracing outside Broudy's West Hollywood, California home by three black male assailants, Larry Walker, Torwin Sessions and Vincent Dotson. Broudy was left in a coma for 10 days. In response the West Hollywood gay community organized a candlelight vigil. Upon his regaining consciousness, Broudy's doctors determined that he had suffered permanent brain damage and was left blind. Part of his skull was replaced with a metal plate. Walker and Dotson were charged with attempted robbery, assault with a deadly weapon and conspiracy to commit robbery. Republican Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley declined to press hate crime charges, a decision that sparked outrage in the community.

West Hollywood City Councilmember Sal Guarriello and his political consultants launched a recall campaign against Cooley to demonstrate their disgust for Cooley's homophobia. Cooley stated that he believed the motive to be robbery, not bias, a conclusion that Broudy disagreed with. After the preliminary hearing, an additional charge of aggravated mayhem was added for each defendant. On August 27, 2003, Walker pleaded guilty to all charges and a day Sessions and Dotson did the same. Walker was sentenced to 13 years in prison, Dotson received a seven-year sentence and Sessions was sentenced to 21 years. Prior to the attack, Broudy was best known for a small role in the independent film The Fluffer. After the attack he narrated the 2003 VH1 special Totally Gay! in which he countered the light-hearted tone of the special by describing the attack and the devastating effects on his life. Broudy has appeared in a number of guest roles in a variety of television series and has started a career as a voice actor, performing in television and radio commercials and playing Cole Yeager in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent and Captain America in Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

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Chattahoochee–Oconee National Forest

The Chattahoochee–Oconee National Forest in northern Georgia comprises two United States National Forests, the Oconee National Forest in eastern Georgia and the Chattahoochee National Forest located in the North Georgia Mountains. The Chattahoochee National Forest is composed of an western forest; the western forest contains Johns Mountain, Little Sand Mountain, Taylor Ridge. The combined total area of the Chattahoochee–Oconee National Forest is 866,468 acres, of which the Chattahoochee National Forest comprises 750,145 acres and the Oconee National Forest comprises 116,232 acres; the county with the largest portion of the eastern forest is Rabun County, which has 148,684 acres within its boundaries. Numerous animals can be found in this forest including birds such as species of hawk, species of owl, ducks, sparrows, hummingbirds and cardinals. Mammalian species that roam in the forest are American black bear, coyote, a variety of bats, beaver, river otter, deer, weasel and foxes; the forest is known to be home to the mysterious blue glow of the Blue ghost firefly, Phausis reticulata and many species of fish and amphibians swim in the many streams and lakes.

The Chattahoochee National Forest takes its name from the Chattahoochee River whose headwaters begin in the North Georgia mountains. The River and the area were given the name by the English settlers who took the name from the Indians living here; the Cherokee and Creek Indians inhabited North Georgia. In one dialect of the Muskogean languages, Chatta means stone; these marked or flowered stones were in the Chattahoochee River at a settlement near Columbus, Georgia. In 1911, the United States Forest Service purchased 31,000 acres of land in Fannin, Gilmer and Union Counties from the Gennett family for $7 per acre; this land was the beginning of. The initial land purchases became a part of the Cherokee National Forest on June 14, 1920. Ranger Roscoe Nicholson, the first forest ranger in Georgia and had advised the Forest Service in its initial land purchases, continued the growth of the Chattahoochee by negotiating the purchase of most of the Forest Service land in what is now the Chattooga River Ranger District.

The Coleman River Scenic Area near Clayton, Georgia was dedicated to "Ranger Nick", as he was called, in honor of his promotion of conservation ideals. Ranger Arthur Woody promoted conservation and was a key figure in the early development of the Chattahoochee. Unwise land and resource use had caused the deer and trout populations to disappear in the North Georgia mountains and Woody brought trout and deer back to the area; the trout were shipped to Gainesville, hauled across the narrow, mountain roads and released in the streams. Woody purchased fawns with his own money, fed them until they could be released on what became the Blue Ridge Wildlife Management Area. Many landmarks in the Chattahoochee bear Ranger Woody’s name in tribute to his work. Sosebee Cove, a 175 acres tract of prize hardwood along GA 180 is set aside as a memorial to Woody, who negotiated its purchase for the Forest Service. On July 9, 1936, the Forest Service was reorganized to follow state boundaries and President Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaimed the Chattahoochee a separate National Forest.

In 1936, the Chattahoochee was organized into the Blue Ridge and the Tallulah. In 1959, President Dwight D. Eisenhower proclaimed 96,000 acres of federal lands in central Georgia as the Oconee National Forest; the Oconee joined the Chattahoochee to become the Chattahoochee–Oconee National Forests of today. The Chattooga River was designated a Scenic River during the 1970s; the Chattooga remains one of the few free-flowing streams in the Southeast and is known for its white water rafting and scenery. The movie Deliverance was filmed on the Chattooga River, which became the fictional Cahulawassee River in the movie; the Chattahoochee National Forest today covers 18 north Georgia counties. The Chattahoochee has three ranger districts: Blue Ridge Ranger District, Office in Blairsville, GA Chattooga River Ranger District, Office in Lakemont, GA Conasauga Ranger District, Office in Chatsworth, GAIt includes over 2,200 miles of rivers and streams. There are over 450 miles of hiking and other recreation trails, 1,600 miles of "roads."

In addition to the Chattooga River and the headwaters of the Chattahoochee River, natural attractions within it boundaries include the beginning of the 2,174-mile Appalachian Trail, Georgia's highpoint, Brasstown Bald and Anna Ruby Falls. The Chattahoochee includes ten wildernesses that are part of the National Wilderness Preservation System, all of which are managed by the United States Forest Service. Parts of these wilderness extend outside Chattahoochee National Forest; the wildernesses are: Big Frog Wilderness Blood Mountain Wilderness Brasstown Wilderness Cohutta Wilderness Ellicott Rock Wilderness Mark Trail Wilderness Raven Cliffs Wilderness Rich Mountain Wilderness Southern Nantahala Wilderness Tray Mountain WildernessThe Oconee National Forest today is spread over eight Georgia counties and is organized into one ranger district. The Oconee Ra

Take My Hand, Precious Lord

"Take My Hand, Precious Lord" is a gospel song. The lyrics were written by the Rev. Thomas A. Dorsey, who adapted the melody; the melody is credited to Dorsey, drawn extensively from the 1844 hymn tune, "Maitland". "Maitland" is attributed to American composer George N. Allen, but the earliest known source shows that Allen was the author/adapter of the text "Must Jesus bear the cross alone," not the composer of the tune, the tune itself was printed without attribution for many years. "Maitland" is sometimes attributed to The Oberlin Social and Sabbath School Hymn Book, which Allen edited, but this collection does not contain music. This tune appeared in hymnals and tune books as "Cross and Crown". Dorsey said that he had heard Blind Connie Williams sing his version of this song with "Precious Lord" and used it as inspiration. Dorsey wrote "Precious Lord" in response to his inconsolable bereavement at the death of his wife, Nettie Harper, in childbirth, his infant son in August 1932; the earliest known recording was made on February 1937, by the Heavenly Gospel Singers.

"Take My Hand, Precious Lord" is published in more than 40 languages. It was Martin Luther King Jr.'s favorite song, he invited gospel singer Mahalia Jackson to sing it at civil rights rallies to inspire crowds. King's last words before his assassination was a request to play it at a mass he was due to attend that night. Opera singer Leontyne Price sang it at the state funeral of President Lyndon B. Johnson in January 1973, Aretha Franklin sang it at Mahalia Jackson's funeral in 1972. Franklin recorded a live version of the song for her album Amazing Grace as a medley with "You've Got a Friend", it was sung by Nina Simone at the Westbury Music Fair on April 7, 1968, three days after King's assassination. That evening was dedicated to him and recorded on the album'Nuff Said!. It was performed by Ledisi in the movie and soundtrack for Selma in which Ledisi portrays Mahalia Jackson, it was performed by Beyoncé at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards on February 8, 2015. Dave Grohl recited the lyrics of the song at a remembrance service for his friend, Lemmy from Motörhead, in January 2016.

Many notable musicians have recorded "Take My Hand, Precious Lord". It was recorded by Mahalia Jackson on Tuesday March 27, 1956, on the album Bless This House with The Fall-Jones Ensemble: Mildred Falls, Ralph Jones. Jim Reeves' version of the song may be one of the best known of all, it was released as the'B' side of his hit single "This World Is Not My Home" in 1965. "Take My Hand, Precious Lord" was inducted into the Christian Music Hall of Fame in 2007. It was included in the list of Songs of the Century, by the Recording Industry Association of America and the National Endowment for the Arts. In 2012, Mahalia Jackson's recording of "Precious Lord, Take My Hand" was honored with the Grammy Hall of Fame Award. Mahalia Jackson 1961 television performance Aretha Franklin 1984 performance Say Amen, Somebody documentary featuring Thomas Dorsey Lyrics of this song at MetroLyrics

Russelia equisetiformis

Russelia equisetiformis known as fountainbush, firecracker plant, coral plant, coral fountain and fountain plant, is a weeping subshrub in the family Plantaginaceae. The plant is native to Guatemala; the name Russelia honors the Scottish naturalist Alexander Russell, given to the genus by the Dutch scientist Baron Nikolaus von Jacquin. The species name reference to this plants resemblance to horse tail rushes, the Latin term equisetiformis means "like Equisetum." Russelia equisetiformis is a multi-branching plant with 4–5 feet long arching branches. The overall graceful form of the subshrub is a fountainesque mound; the stems and tiny oval leaves are bright green. It flowers profusely with small decumbent red flowers, it can bloom year round in subtropical climates. It is a popular nectar plant for hummingbirds and butterflies. Russelia equisetiformis is cultivated as an ornamental plant, for use planted in temperate climate gardens, in window boxes and hanging planters. There are cultivars with ivory white or pink flowers.

Flowering is best in a minimum of half day sun, though the plant grows well in deep shade to bright sun. The plant can be espaliered on a balcony -- terrace screen, it can withstand temperatures down to −6 °C. However some authorities assert that it cannot tolerate temperatures below 5 °C and must therefore be kept under glass during the winter months. In colder climates it can overwinter as a houseplant in bright locations. In cultivation in the UK, It has gained the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit. Floridata: Russelia equisetiformis University of Florida.

Stuart Fancy

Stuart Fancy is a Papua New Guinean chess FIDE Master. Fancy was a member of the Lloyds Bank British Junior Chess Squad from 1971 to 1974, took a break from playing chess, he started playing chess again. Fancy represented Papua New Guinea in seven Chess Olympiads from 1982 to 2018, playing on board 1 since 2002, his best results were winning the individual Gold Medal on 2nd Reserve Board at the 25th Chess Olympiad in Lucerne 1982, the Silver Medal for Board 2 at the 30th Chess Olympiad in Manila 1992. Fancy gained the FIDE Master title in 2012 for his result at the 1992 Olympiad. Fancy competed in the Oceania Zonal Chess Championships in 2002,2007,2013,2015 and 2019, he competed in the 6th Asian Chess Championship in Cebu City 2007. Ben Magana vs Stuart Fancy, 37th Chess Olympiad, Sicilian Defence: Rossolimo Attack, 0-1 Stuart Fancy vs Mirabeau Maga, 6th Asian Individual Championship, Sicilian Defence: Accelerated Dragon, 1-0