Union of Italian Communists (Marxist–Leninist)

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Union of Italian Communists (Marxist–Leninist) (Italian: Unione dei Comunisti Italiani (marxisti-leninisti)) was a pro-Chinese communist group in Italy. The UCI(m-l) was founded in Rome on 4 October 1968. Its main organ was Servire il popolo. The main leaders of UCI(m-l) were Aldo Brandirali, Enzo Todeschini, Angelo Arvati and Enzo Lo Giudice.

After an inner scission at the end of 1970, the main group of the leaders moved from Rome to Milan.

On 15 April 1972 the UCI(m-l) was transformed into Italian (Marxist–Leninist) Communist Party (Partito Comunista (marxista-leninista) Italiano). With the appearance of the leninist poet Francesco Leonetti in the party, the theoretical organ of PC(m-l)I became also Che fare.

The PC(m-l)I had a front organization amongst Italians in West Germany, called Union of Italian Migrant Workers (Federazione Italiani Lavoratori Emigrati).

P.C.(m-l)I. was dissolved in 1978, and in practice its remaining adherents became involved in Autonomia Operaia.

The youth wing of the organization was called: Union of Communist Youth in Service of the People.