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United Kingdom Independent Broadcasting (UKIB)
Formation 1981; 37 years ago (1981)
Type Affiliation of broadcasters
ITV, Channel 4, S4C
Official language
English, Welsh

United Kingdom Independent Broadcasting (UKIB) is an affiliation of three British independent television production companies and broadcasters. The primary function of its predecessor (ITCA, the Independent Television Companies Association) was to represent independent British television interests as a member of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). The members of UKIB are the ITV Network Centre, the 17 ITV Companies, Channel 4, and S4C.


United Kingdom Independent Broadcasting (UKIB)[citation needed] was formed in 1981, when the Association of Independent Radio Contractors (AIRC)[1] was admitted as an active member of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). It replaced Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA, formerly Independent Television Authority or ITA) as the second British EBU member. Once ITCA was admitted as a fully active EBU member, the AIRC joined with ITA to form the Commercial Radio Companies Association (CRCA) in 1996.[citation needed] CRCA cancelled its EBU membership[citation needed] by the end of 2002.

The IBA continued to exist until it was disbanded by the Broadcasting Act 1990, which replaced it with the Independent Television Commission (ITC) and the Radio Authority. IBA had a set of onscreen identifications used on ITV in the 1970s and 1980s to introduce engineering announcements.[relevant? ]


Service name Broadcast area Licence holder[2] Broadcast Since[Note 1] Parent company EBU abbreviation
ITV Network
United Kingdom, Channel Islands, and Isle of Man ITV Network Limited 1955 ITV plc
STV Group plc
ITV (Channel 3) Companies
ITV Anglia East of England ITV Broadcasting Limited 1959 ITV plc UKIB/ITV/ANG
ITV Border England–Scotland border ITV Broadcasting Limited 1961 ITV plc UKIB/ITV/BTV
ITV Central Midlands[Note 2] ITV Broadcasting Limited 1956 ITV plc UKIB/ITV/CEN
ITV Channel Television Channel Islands ITV Broadcasting Limited 1962 ITV plc UKIB/ITV/CHA
ITV Granada North West England[Note 3] and Isle of Man[Note 4] ITV Broadcasting Limited 1956 ITV plc UKIB/ITV/GRA
ITV London (Carlton) London Weekday ITV Broadcasting Limited 1955 ITV plc UKIB/ITV/LDN
ITV London (LWT) London Weekend ITV Broadcasting Limited 1955 ITV plc
ITV Meridian South and South East England ITV Broadcasting Limited 1958 ITV plc UKIB/ITV/MER
ITV Tyne Tees North East England ITV Broadcasting Limited 1959 ITV plc UKIB/ITV/TTT
ITV Wales Wales ITV Broadcasting Limited 1958 ITV plc UKIB/ITV/WALES
ITV West West of England ITV Broadcasting Limited 1958 ITV plc UKIB/ITV/WEST
ITV West Country South West England ITV Broadcasting Limited 1961 ITV plc UKIB/ITV/WES
ITV Yorkshire Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, and North Norfolk ITV Broadcasting Limited 1956 ITV plc UKIB/ITV/YTV
STV Central Central Scotland STV Central Limited 1957 STV Group plc UKIB/STV
STV North Northern Scotland STV North Limited 1961 STV Group plc UKIB/STVN
UTV Northern Ireland UTV Limited 1959 ITV plc UKIB/ITV/UTV
Channel 4
Channel 4 England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland[Note 5] Channel 4 1982 Channel Four Television Corporation UKIB/C4
S4C Wales Sianel 4 Cymru/Channel 4 Wales 1982 S4C Authority UKIB/S4C

Digital channels[edit]

Besides the main ITV, Channel 4, and S4C channels, there are several digital-only channels (ITV2, ITV3, ITV4, and CITV) owned by ITV plc and E4, More4 and Film4, operated by Channel 4. These channels are also members of UKIB and, as such, are also part of the EBU.[citation needed]

Eurovision Song Contest[edit]

The United Kingdom's entries in the Eurovision Song Contest have been entered by the BBC each time. However, the United Kingdom's Junior Eurovision Song Contest entries were broadcast and entered by ITV in 2003, 2004, and 2005. ITV abstained from entering the 2006 contest because of low ratings.[citation needed] S4C was speculated to enter the 2008 contest with a Welsh language entry,[3] but ultimately chose not to enter.[why?] S4C announced on 9 May 2018 that Wales will debut at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018 to be held in Minsk, Belarus.[4]

Notes and references[edit]


  1. ^ First broadcast in that region and not since the first franchises were held
  2. ^ Up to 1968, the service for the Midlands region was provided by ATV for Monday to Friday and by ABC Television for weekends.
  3. ^ Up to 1968, the service for a single Northern area consisting of both the current North West region and most of the current Yorkshire region was provided by Granada Television for Monday to Friday and by ABC Television for weekends.
  4. ^ Coverage was transferred from ITV Border and Tyne Tees to ITV Granada following DSO in the Isle of Man in July 2009.
  5. ^ Now available in Wales but is designated for the rest of the United Kingdom


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