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United States House Committee on Foreign Affairs

The United States House Committee on Foreign Affairs of the United States House of Representatives known as the House Foreign Affairs Committee, is a standing committee of the United States House of Representatives, which has jurisdiction over bills and investigations related to the foreign affairs of the United States. Eliot Engel of New York is the Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and has served since January 2019. From 1975 to 1978 and from 1995 to 2007, it was renamed the Committee on International Relations. In January 2007, it changed back to its original name, its jurisdiction was the same under both names. Sources: H. Res. 24, H. Res. 25, H. Res. 57, H. Res. 68 Sources: H. Res. 6, H. Res. 7, H. Res. 45, H. Res. 51 and H. Res. 52 Data from the Committee's official website: List of current United States House of Representatives committees U. S. House Committee on Foreign Affairs House Foreign Affairs Committee. Legislation activity and reports,

Tokyo Lady

"Tokyo Lady" is a song by Japanese/Korean musician Iconiq, released as her debut single of August 11, 2010. The single was planned for a July 28 release, however was postponed, it is her last physical single. The song is an electro/rock-styled pop song, written by NaNa Music and Uta, the writers of "Crystal Girl" and "LoveShineMagic" from Iconiq's debut album Change Myself; the lyrics of the song continue on with the same themes as Iconiq's Change Myself songs do, speaking of new beginnings, bright futures and references to objects in everyday life. The scene in "Tokyo Lady" is of a woman after a break up of a relationship, who has begun the process of moving on; as she walks forward, "the world changes." References are made to the song's protagonist going to a social event, as she "paints the town" while wearing pink high heels, faces her favorite place while throwing hey car key into her bag. According to the official site's liner notes, the song is about the "dazzling determination of a woman starting to walk forward to her future," in a metropolitan Tokyo setting.

To Iconiq, the song represents the Tokyo aspects to her new start as a musician in Japan, considers it a message song to encourage women. The song was first unveiled at Iconiq's debut live, at Shibuya-AX on May 16, where it was performed and announced as her first single; the song was marketed as a "three tie-up single," with commercials for three companies airing simultaneously: Shiseido's Maquillage cosmetic range, Morinaga's Weider and Jelly sports drink/A-Nation 2010, Rechochoku. These began airing on July 21, 2010; the song was performed at A-Nation in early August, 2010, at which Iconiq had a special booth filled with promotional goods for purchase. This was the fourth successive time an Iconiq song has been used in commercials for both Shisedo and Recochoku, after "I'm Lovin' You," "Change Myself" and "Bye Now!." The Shiseido commercial, dubbed the Kyakkō no Tsuya-hen of the commercial at the Shisedo Maquillage website, featured Iconiq with a longer pixie cut hairstyle, as opposed to her regular "baby short cut" of her debut album.

The commercial for Weider and Jelly/A-Nation, showed Iconiq with her previous hairstyle. The single was promoted as a "one coin single," due to its price of 500 yen, it was marketed for having three differently designed back covers, that featured a different, wider-angled view of Iconiq from the photoshoot for the single's cover. During single promotions, special billboards were placed at several major Tokyo train stations, on which pairs of fishnet stockings were affixed for the general public to take. Iconiq performed this song as a per of her set at the 2010 A-Nation concerts; the music video was directed by Diane Martel, filmed in Los Angeles along with the two other music videos for songs on Light Ahead, "Light Ahead" and "Kiss & Cry." The video depicts Iconiq posing in a range of fashion-oriented outfits, against a background of colorful geometric shapes and pop art inspired designs with static shots of Iconiq repeated on the screen in multiple places

South Carolina Highway 41

South Carolina Highway 41 is a 121.5-mile state highway, connecting the Charleston region with eastern portions of the Pee Dee region in South Carolina. It serves as an alternative route to U. S. Route 52; the route travels in a south-north direction, beginning in Mount Pleasant and ending at the North Carolina state line just north of Lake View, where it continues as North Carolina Highway 41 towards Lumberton. The route is rural, though it serves as an important arterial in suburban Mount Pleasant and passes through several small towns on its route northwards, it provides several key river and swamp crossings in the Pee Dee region. The Wando River Bridge, a through truss swing bridge built in 1939, is to be replaced by 2020-2021; the new bridge will be four-lane with median, will be a fixed span bridge, tall enough for tall ships to pass. At a planned cost of $42.3 million, construction began in mid-2015. Established between 1993-1996, it replaced mainline SC 41 through downtown Andrews; this is second business loop through Andrew, following the same route from 1960-63 until 1970.

Established in 1951 or 1952 as a new alternate route of SC 41 through Marion, though it did replace part of SC 175 south of Marion. Media related to South Carolina Highway 41 at Wikimedia Commons Mapmikey's South Carolina Highways Page: SC 41

Tarzetta cupularis

Tarzetta cupularis is a species of apothecial fungus belonging to the family Pyronemataceae. This is a species of northern Europe with occasional records from further south in Spain and Morocco, it occurs in North America. It appears from spring to autumn as brown to cream-coloured flask-shaped cups up to 2 cm across and 2.5 cm tall in groups in damp woodland. The related Tarzetta catinus tends to be larger with a more open cup, but the two species can only be reliably distinguished microscopically: by the shape of the spores and the paraphyses. Jordan, Michael; the Encyclopedia of Fungi of Britain and Europe. Frances Lincoln Publishers. P. 41. ISBN 978-0-7112-2379-0. Tarzetta cupularis in Index Fungorum Tarzetta cupularis at GBIF

Ken Gordon (American politician)

Kenneth I. Gordon is an American state legislator representing the Middlesex 21st District in the Massachusetts House of Representatives; the Middlesex 21st District includes Burlington and Wilmington's Precinct 3. He is a member of the Democratic Party. Gordon graduated from Ledyard High school in 1977 before going on to attend Northeastern University. After graduating from Northeastern with a degree in journalism, he worked as a sports writer and editor for the Boston Globe, the Palm Beach Post and Evening Times, The Sporting News magazine. Gordon attained his JD cum laude at Suffolk University Law School. After working at various law firms, he chose to open Gordon Law Office in 2000. Gordon specializes in workplace harassment, he is a former member of the Massachusetts Employment Lawyers Association and National Employment Lawyers Association. In addition to serving in the Massachusetts House of Representatives, Gordon is a practicing attorney with Gordon Law Office, LLC, specializing in claims of employment discrimination and commercial or corporate disputes among and within businesses.

Gordon was elected to serve in the Massachusetts House of Representatives in 2012. As a Representative, Gordon is the Vice Chair of the Joint Committee on Election Laws and serves as a member of the Joint Committee on Transportation, the Joint Committee on Community Development and Small Businesses, the House Committee on Bonding, Capital Expenditures and State Assets. In 2018 the Massachusetts legislature used the principles of a bill he filed to create a Paid Family and Medical Leave program, signed into law as part of a "Grand Bargain" bill. Gordon lives in Bedford with his wife, Breena Daniell, their son, Brandon. In Bedford, he served as vice-chair of the Zoning Board, is past chair of the Bedford Cultural Council. Gordon was a long time volunteer for Bedford’s All Night Graduation Party, he hosts Rappin' with the Rep, a monthly cable access show on Burlington Community Access Television

William Warner (Conservative politician)

Brigadier General William Ward Warner, was a British Army officer of the late 19th and early 20th centuries who rose to become a brigadier general in the newly created Royal Air Force towards the end of the First World War. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries Warner served in India, he retired from the British Army in 1907 but rejoined in early 1915 after the outbreak of World War I. His first post was as a staff officer in the Directorate of Military Aeronautics and in 1916 he became the Assistant Adjutant-General at the Directorate. From 1919 to 1922 he was a member of London County Council for Fulham. From 1924 to 1929 he was the Conservative MP for Mid Bedfordshire. In life he was Chairman of the General Hydraulic Company. Air of Authority – A History of RAF Organisation – Brigadier-General W W Warner Hansard 1803–2005: contributions in Parliament by William Ward Warner