University College Capital

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University College Capital
Professionshøjskolen UCC
University College Capital.jpg
Type University College, (Danish: professionshøjskoler)
Established 2008
Rector Laust Joen Jakobsen
Location Copenhagen, Bornholm, North Zealand, Denmark Denmark
Campus Copenhagen
North Zealand

University College Capital(Danish: Professionshøjskolen UCC) is one of eight new regional organizations of different study sites in Denmark (Danish: professionshøjskoler) offering bachelor courses of all kinds in Copenhagen and North Zealand.

Profession School UCC was formed by the merger of Greater Copenhagen CVU and CVU Copenhagen & North Zealand.

From 1 January 2008, these organizations have joined in a multi-professional education organization whose primary mission is to provide professionsbachelor education and training to public and private sectors. Originally named Profession Copenhagen School - University College Copenhagen.

Professionsbachelor Courses[edit]

Profession School UCC offers seven different professions bachelor courses:


Profession School UCC offers courses, diploma courses and completion of further training courses in the educational and health professional field and in the leadership and guidance.

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