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The University of Dance and Circus (Swedish: Dans- och cirkushögskolan, DOCH) is a Swedish institution[1] offering higher education in the fields of dance education, folk dance, dance, dance therapy, historical dance, choreography and contemporary circus. Since 1 January 2014, DOCH is a part of Stockholm University of the Arts, it operates under the Ministry of Education, and is fully funded by the Government and therefore has no tuition fees for Swedish and EU citizens.

The University of Dance and Circus was previously known as the University College of Dance (Danshögskolan).

Circus programme[edit]

Attendance at the circus school is awarded on the basis of live auditions held in Stockholm, with tests of physical strength, flexibility, endurance, and theatrical skill. In addition, each applicant is required to give a demonstration of their own performance specialty.

The program, headed by Ivar Heckscher, trains students in acrobatics, equilibristics, aerial technique, and juggling.[2] In addition, each student receives advanced training in at least one discipline; the neocircus program includes theoretical studies to complement each student's personal artistic development.

Until 2007, no Americans had ever been accepted into the neocircus program. In June 2007, American juggler Wes Peden became one of 16 students chosen from 68 candidates, who were culled from 200 applicants.[3]



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