University of Greenland

The University of Greenland is Greenland's only university. It is in the capital city of Nuuk. Most courses are taught in Danish, a few in Greenlandic and classes by exchange lecturers in English; the university had an enrollment of 205 students in 2018, composed of Greenlandic inhabitants. It has five technical-administrative employees; the modest student population is due, in part, to most Greenlandic students going to universities in Denmark. The University of Greenland was established in 1987 to provide local higher education for Greenland, it was located in the former Moravian mission station of Neu Herrnhut, moved into a dedicated research complex, Ilimmarfik, in 2009. The university has a DKK 14.8 million budget. The university has four institutes: Institute of Learning Institute of Nursing and Health Science Institute of Social Science and Journalism Institute of Culture and HistoryThe university awards Baccalaureate degrees in all departments and Master's Degrees in all areas except Theology.

Ph. D.-programmes have been offered. Tine Pars became director of Ilisimatusarfik at the beginning of 2009 after the former rector, Ole Marquardt, resigned in protest on the new University Law in December 2007. Due to the small number of faculty, many specialized classes are offered by guest faculty coming from Danish universities, but coming from other countries. Guest faculty at Ilisimatusarfik are specialists for research on Greenland, combining teaching at Ilisimatusarfik with their research while staying on Greenland; the university library holds 30,000 volumes. Official website Arctic Technology Centre, a Department of DTU

Emporia State–Washburn football rivalry

The Emporia State–Washburn football rivalry referred to as the Turnpike Tussle, is an American college football rivalry game played annually between the Emporia State Hornets football team of Emporia State University from Emporia and the Washburn Ichabods football team of Washburn University from Topeka, Kansas. Both schools compete in the NCAA Division II level, are members of the Mid-America Intercollegiate Athletics Association. Emporia State leads the series a 56–52–2; the Turnpike Tussle is the second-oldest active NCAA Division II rivalry. Prior to joining the MIAA, both schools have competed in the same conferences with the exception of 1935 to 1940 when Washburn was a member of the Missouri Valley Conference. Emporia State University opened its doors in 1863 as the Kansas State Normal School, with Washburn University opening its doors two years in 1865 as the Lincoln College. Washburn's football program began in 1891 and Emporia State began two years with the first football game between the two schools taking place on November 4, 1899 in Topeka where Emporia State won 11–0.

After a one-year hiatus, the rivalry began again playing annually until 1942 when World War II took place. During those 42 seasons, Washburn started out with a strong lead in the series winning eight of the next nine games before Emporia State took the majority of the wins those years; the teams tied six times prior to WWII. Ten years after World War II finished, the Kansas Turnpike was completed, forming a 58 mile distance between the two schools and led the two schools to name their rivalry series the "Turnpike Tussle" in 1956; the series winning streaks began alternating around every five years or so after the War until 1991 when Emporia State began the longest winning streak in the series – 11 games from 1991 to 2001. The turn of the century brought new leadership for both teams. In 2001, Emporia State promoted offensive coordinator Dave Wiemers as their head coach, who resigned in December 2006. On December 28, 2001, Washburn hired Craig Schurig as the next head coach, who remains the current head coach as of 2018.

In December 2006, former ESU quarterback, Garin Higgins, was named the next Hornet football coach, who remains as the current head coach as of 2018. Source

Treasure Island (TV franchise)

Treasure Island is a reality competition television franchise. The programme originated in New Zealand in 1997, where it was produced by Touchdown Television, with editions produced in Australia and Ireland. In the programme, contestants are isolated on a remote Fijian island and compete for a cash prize of NZ$50,000. Treasure Island was loosely inspired by the successful Swedish programme Expedition Robinson - the original version of the Survivor format; the Treasure Island concept was created by former Touchdown producer Darryl McEwen after searching in the local library for a story he could base a reality gameshow on. Celebrity Treasure Island season 1, at the end of every day, both teams would head to the hut where each member will fill out a quiz on a computer about treasure island and about their team mates. Once both teams have finished the quiz, the computer would generate the two lowest scoring members as to who will be leaving the island. Celebrity Treasure Island season 2, one selected member of the ladies team would compete with one selected member of the men's team in a'terminator' challenge.

The winner would become the terminator and would eliminate one member from both teams at the end of each day. Treasure Island: Series 1 was shot in Fiji during 1997. Levi Bowen was the season's winner with Pieta Keating coming in second. Treasure Island: Series 2 was hosted by previous contestant Pieta Keating. Palmerston North Radio DJ Tanya Pouwhare was the season's winner, with Gisborne C4 music TV host Clarke Gayford coming in second. Treasure Island: Extreme was hosted by model Jacqui Rickards and was more extreme season than past seasons pitting ex-police, SAS, armed forces and soldiers against each other with no food, water or shelter at all. John "Horse" McLeod was the season's winner. A notable incident happened when the SAS contestant Baz Rice was eliminated from the game and refused to leave, instead hiding in the jungle; because of previous threats made to rival contestants, a security warning was issued to other competitors. He returned from the jungle and left the island. Superstars of Treasure Island was hosted by Jon Stevens.

This season saw past winners and past season favorites put back onto the island, which included past Irish and Australian winners as well as Levin Bowen, Pieta Kieting, Josh Kronfeld and Cocksy. T. Josh Kronfeld was the season's winner, becoming the first person to win two seasons of Treasure Island consecutively. Treasure Island: Couples at War was hosted by singer Jon Stevens; this season put celebrity couples against each other which included Vadim Dale and his wife, Natalie Franzmann, former Miss Popularity contestant Vicki-Lee McIntyre and her partner Scotty Rocker, horse jockey Lance O'Sullivan and his wife Bridgette O'Sullivan. The O'Sullivan's were the season's winners with Simon Doull and his partner Peggy Bourne coming in second. Treasure Island: Pirates of the Pacific was hosted by former celebrity contestant Matthew Ridge; this season featured two tribes - The Buccaneers, which included New Zealand Idol runner up Michael Murphy and former New Zealand Warriors league player Monty Betham.

Dancing With The Stars dancer Hayley Holt was the season's winner with Wendell Sailor coming in second. Depending on the status and the length of time New Zealand celebrities were on the island, they were given up to NZ$9,000 to appear on Celebrity Treasure Island. Series 1 was hosted by Pieta Keating for the second consecutive season; this was the third season altogether. Since celebrities were competing, the money they won went to a charity of their choosing; the contestants were split into two teams - North Team, which included Stacey Daniels, Andy Dye, Sally Ridge, Anthony Ray, Erika Takacs, Danny Morrison and Nicky Sunderland. TV handyman John "Cocksy" Cochs won, with television presenter Stacey Daniels coming in second. Series 2 was hosted by Pieta Keating for the third consecutive season; the contestants were split into two teams - Girls Team, which included Greer Robson, Eva Evguenieva, Louise Wallace, Nicky Watson, Suzanne Paul, Jenny May Coffin and K'lee. Shortland Street actress and current lawyer, Greer Robson was the season's winner, with ex-Shortland Street star, Paul Ellis coming in second.

Series 3 was hosted by previous contestant Louise Wallace. The season's contestants included Josh Kronfeld, Simon Barnett, Brent Todd, Ian Roberts, Maz Quinn, Troy Flavell, Torenzo Bozzone, Matthew Ridge, Aja Rock, Charlotte Dawson, Jayne Kiley, Joe Cotton, Lana Coc-Kroft, Wendy Botha, Hayley Marie Byrnes, Nicky Watson. TV presenter, Lana Coc-Kroft, had to be evacuated off the island. Ex-All Black Josh Kronfeld was the season's winner, with Simon Barnett coming in second place. Series 4 made its return after a hiatus of over a decade. Hosted by Survivor NZ producer and host, Matt Chisholm and Bree Tomasel; the season featured two tribes: Mako and Kahu, where retired athletes go up against radio and TV personalities. The 16 contestants were: Boxer Shane Cameron.