Unser Bier

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Unser Bier
LocationBasel, CH
Annual production volume6,000 hectolitres (5,100 US bbl)
Owned byUnser Bier AG
Active beers
Name Type
Naturblond Pale ale
Weizen Wheat beer
Schwarzbier Porter
Amber Lager
Seasonal beers
Name Type
Drummler Pilsner
Weihnachts-Bier Bock

Unser Bier is a small local brewery in Basel, Switzerland.

Unser Bier is most widely known for its Amber Beer, a simple lager, they also produce a wheat beer (Weizen) and a pale ale (Natur Blond) and a dark porter style beer (Schwarz Bier), as well as a number of specialty and seasonal beers such as a Christmas beer and the "Meister" beer, produced when the FC Basel football team wins the national championship. 2010 the brewery mouved to the Gundeldinger Feld and invested 5 million Swiss francs to enlarge the capacities and for a new bottling station.

As of May 6, 2006, Unser Bier has become the biggest brewery in Basel following the merger of Ziegelhof with Eichhof.[1]


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