Untold Story (novel)

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Untold Story
Author Monica Ali
Country England
Language English
Published Scribner's
Publication date
Media type Print
Pages 272
ISBN 978-1451635485 (first edition, hardcover)
OCLC 699767337
LC Class PR6101.L45 U58

Untold Story is novel by Monica Ali, her fourth after two novels and a collection of short stories.[1] It asks what would have happened if Princess Diana had not died in a car accident in Paris in 1997 but had arranged for her own disappearance and tried to live an undiscovered life in a small American town.[2] In the novel, Princess Diana is portrayed in fictional form as an English expat named Lydia.[3][4] The story is told through a combination of third person narrative, diary entries of the princess's former personal secretary, Lawrence Standing and letters written by Lydia.[3][4]

On May 2011, it was reported that Ali had sold the film rights to British production company Cloud Eight Films.[5]


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