Uppland Runic Inscription 934

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Uppland Runic Inscription 934
U 934, Uppsala domkyrka.jpg
Created11th Century
DiscoveredUppsala Cathedral, Uppsala, Uppland, Sweden
Rundata IDU 934
Text – Native
Old Norse : Þoriʀ ok Hrøʀikʀ / Hrøðingʀ / Ryðingʀ ok Karl, þæiʀ br[øðr] ...[1]
Þórir and Hrœríkr / Hrœðingr / Ryðingr and Karl, these brothers ...[1]

Runic inscription U 934 is the Rundata catalog listing for a Viking Age runestone located in Uppsala, Sweden.


This runestone was excavated from the foundation of Uppsala Cathedral in 1866.[2] Many runestones were reused in the construction of buildings, roads, and bridges before their historical importance was understood; the runic text on this stone, which is 1.58 meters in height, is written upon a serpent that is intertwined with other beasts in the center of the design. The granite stone has sustained damage to sections of its runic text and design; the runestone has been classified as being carved in runestone style Pr4,[1] also known as the Urnes style. This runestone style is characterized by slim and stylized animals that are interwoven into tight patterns; the animal heads are typically seen in profile with slender almond-shaped eyes and upwardly curled appendages on the noses and the necks.


A transliteration of the runic inscription is:

þoriʀ ' auk × ryþikr × auk × karl * þaiʀ + br... ...[1]


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Coordinates: 59°51′29″N 17°38′06″E / 59.8580°N 17.6349°E / 59.8580; 17.6349