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Melikşah Özkan (born 18 July 1997 in Tokat), alias DavyBiceps, is a former Swedish professional Counter-Strike player, formerly playing as captain of the gaming team Team-Synergy (tS).

davyBiceps about[edit]

Since 2011. professional dreams of "DavyBiceps" towards the end of 2014. ESEA was 2. In the 1v1 tournament managed to win 200$.2015 Year in which disappointed "DavyBiceps" school allows to reduce the performance.But he managed to raise more by maintaining its performance though.ESEA was 3rd in the national tournament. ESEA sent a greeting card. Exactly as he wrote in the greeting card. "Very few people like you are coming to the world. We do not wish to use your space." .I knew he would win money by playing games. However Playing around school persist whether people who earned money, raised its performance is now more serious.Trying to overcome their own limits "DavyBiceps" grabbed his best performance of the current period.Although many recognized name on the Current World.Unles the future will be even more.Living much trouble in the school environment "DavyBiceps" Although reduced the performance in a short time.

Olofmeister spoke about davybiceps[edit]

Most young talented players in the history of.I watched her some match.He is no doubt one of the best players of the future.

DavyBiceps (2015-2016 European Player of the Month)