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Hurley and Death to False Metal (2010–present)[edit]

The album Hurley was released in September 2010 through Epitaph Records. The name comes from the character Hugo "Hurley" Reyes from the television show Lost. Jorge Garcia, the actor who portrayed Hurley, stated that being featured on the album cover is "one of the biggest honors of [his] career." [1][2] Weezer used internet streaming service YouTube as a way to promote the album. Weezer loaned itself to 15 amateur online video producers, "going along with whatever plans the creator could execute in about 30 minutes." They have used many of the popular channels to promote themselves, such as Barely Political, Ray William Johnson and Fred Figglehorn. The Gregory Brothers solicited musical and vocal contributions from the band on one of its compositions built around speeches by Rep. Charles Rangel and President Barack Obama. Weezer calls the promotion "The YouTube Invasion".[3]

In November 2010, Weezer released a compilation album composed of re-recorded versions of unused recordings spanning various years, Death to False Metal.[4][5] On the same day a deluxe version of Pinkerton, which includes "25 demos, outtakes and live tracks" was also released.[6] A third volume of Rivers Cuomo's solo Alone series, titled The Pinkerton Years is also planned for release.[7][8] They also contributed a cover of The Cars' "You Might Think" for the Disney-Pixar film Cars 2.[9]

On October 8, 2011 former bassist Mikey Welsh was found dead in a Chicago, Illinois hotel room. Weezer performed in Chicago the very next day, and dedicated the concert to Welsh (Welsh was supposed to be a surprise guest at that concert).[10]

The band began working on their tenth studio album in September 2010 with the intent of a 2011 release[11] although the year ended without seeing a release. The band headlined a four-day rock-themed Carnival Cruise from Miami to Cozumel that set sail on January 19, 2012.[12][13][14]

In May 2012, drummer Patrick Wilson released his fourth studio album with side-project, The Special Goodness, entitled Natural.

In July 2012 Weezer will headline the inaugural Bunbury Music Festival in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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