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About Me[edit]

My name is Daniel, I am 26 years old, and live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I work for a large multinational home builders company, as a part of their small programming/IT department.

85% of my spare time is pretty much split between four things: playing computer and Wii games, programming (yup, I do it both for fun and as a job), watching television, and hanging out with friends. Editing Wikipedia had become a fifth, though lately the allure is not too present. Feel free to ask me if you need help with any of the above for a Wiki article!

Wikipedian Philosophies[edit]

For the most part, I tend to either head straight to articles that I am already interested in, or else browse via Special:Random. Along the way, I try to clean up articles as best as I can – as such, I am also a on-and-off member of the Wikipedia:Cleanup Taskforce and League of Copyeditors. I have also made it my goal to reduce, as much as is possible, the backlog queue of articles to be cleaned up (as found at Category:Cleanup by month), whether or not they are listed for work by the CT; ultimately, I would like to help remove all entries marked for cleanup in previous months.

Right now I'm on somewhat of a Wiki-break. I still read Wikipedia often, and edit the odd page when something jumps out at me, but right now I don't have the time or desire to spend as much time on it as I did. If you want to get a hold of me, I still check my talk page.

Pre-Account Contributions (as[edit]

WikiProject Good Articles: Open Tasks
This project identifies, organizes and improves good articles on Wikipedia.
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Nominations list: 457 articles (19 of them are on hold) as of 01:00, 5 September 2018 (UTC) | edit