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2006-16-a-full-1-.jpgThis user's homeworld is mostly harmless.

Scots Pine cone.jpgThis user collects cones.

Caffeine.svgThis user believes that caffeine is necessary in large doses daily.

This user smokes
a tobacco pipe.

Ankh.pngThis user is interested in ancient civilizations.
Leprosy victims taught by bishop.jpg This user is interested in the
Middle Ages
Yellow bird.JPGThis user is interested in birding.
BushmenSan.jpgThis user is interested in Primitive skills.

Car Camping.jpgThis user enjoys camping.
MSH82 st helens plume from harrys ridge 05-19-82.jpgThis user is interested in volcanoes.

Summer time.jpgThis user loves the Summer.
PBSThis user supports PBS.
SCI FIThis user loves Science Fiction
D'oh!This user knows Lenny=White and Carl=Black.
Blue pol.svg This user loves Cartman.

Star Trek Wrath of Khan uniforms.jpgThis user attends, has attended, or hopes to attend Starfleet Academy.
Fx This user is interested in Space Sciences.
Fx This user is glad that Pluto isn't a planet.
Accretion disk.jpgThis user would like to know what a black hole looks like from inside, but doesn't want to investigate it personally.
Fx This user is interested in the natural sciences.
Rotating earth (large).gifThis user believes that hippies, celebrities, and politicians are NOT experts on climate change.

Pregnant woman black and white shadows.jpg
This user is anti-abortion and pro-choice.
Macro cannabis bud.jpg This user is pro-cannabis.
Gay flag.svgThis user supports the legalization of same-sex marriage.
Poster-sized portrait of Barack Obama.jpgThis user supported Barack Obama for President in 2008 and 2012.
Flag of Oregon.svg