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Who am I?[edit]

Wikipedia is simple.

Oh, hi! I didn't see you there. Well, since you're around I guess I ought to tell you a bit about myself then. As most people here, I started editing when I noticed an inaccuracy in one of the articles and corrected it. I did that a few times a month not really bothering to register an account... Well... until I had to get one to move a page, that was in August 2004 on the Francophone Wikipedia (although I was mostly reading the -much bigger- English version most of the time). I didn't know at that time that more than 10 years later I would still be around!

I really started to get involved in August 2006 (and looking back at my contributions, I can't really remember why). I guess I noticed there was a real community and was bored enough to try to spend some time helping them :).

Since I've never been a good writer (either in French or in English) I started by checking the recent changes, reverting vandalism and notifying administrators of problematic users (come to think of it, that's kind of fun :)). Almost a year later, I was elected as an Administrator myself (I like to say janitor, because that's kind of more accurate).

My main activity here, as an administrator, is to help the Encyclopedia running as smoothly as possible. This involves mostly helping clearing some items needing urgent attentions, for example checking whether new pages are suitable for the project, giving a hand on copyright issues, helping reviewing my fellow admins blocks, working with the proposed and speedy deletion processes, preventing users from vandalizing our content and of course stirring up some drama because frankly, Wikipedia wouldn't survive without its daily dose of drama (no, no links there ;)).

I am a volunteer, and I am not paid for the time I spend here. There is a lot to do, and not enough time to do it (especially since we all have a day job). This explains why we sometime act too fast, and make mistakes. If you spotted an error in one of my actions, please don't hesitate to correct me (but please stay civil) on my talk page, and I will try to repair it as soon as possible. I try to answer all inquiries. If I offended you, please accept my deepest apologies in advance.

If you need access to a Wikipedia article that has been deleted, ask me. If it's not a copyright violation, libel, or personal information, and has not been deleted as a suspected biographies of living persons violation, I will userfy the article for you.

Note that using the text to recreate any deleted article may automatically qualify them for speedy deletion, and copies of previously deleted content that are being used solely for long-term archival purposes may be subject to deletion because Wikipedia is not a free web host. We have a list of alternative sites which may be used to host your content.

Voilà, see you around!

How to contact me[edit]

You can contact me:
  • By leaving a message on my talk page (I check it on a daily basis),
  • By emailing me (I check it once in a while),
  • By messaging @le_luk on Twitter (I can't access it at all time, but I check it a few times a day),
  • By asking me to join IRC (I very rarely idle there). My nickname is usually "lucasbfr" and my unique identifier (cloak) is wikipedia/lucasbfr.
  • If you wish to appeal a block, the fastest way is to also add the following on your talk page:

{{unblock|I think there's a mistake, because (explain what happened)}}

Clearing up a few things[edit]

  • I am not paid, I help here on my free time
  • I am not the boss of you! Administrators are supposed to have a good knowledge of our policies but we are all bound to the same rules
  • I don't have a superior you can bug when you aren't pleased by my answers. If you wish to raise a formal complaint about my actions, please go to the the Administrators' Noticeboard
  • and finally, I am not your mom, if you complain for no reasons, chances are I won't look at your message twice

Fun stats (ok, fun for me, but I'm a geek)[edit]

  • I have made almost 50 000 edits. That might seem a lot, but that's approximately 0.01% of the 852,762,351 edits made by users like you.
  • I have deleted arount 50 000 pages, but that's approximately 0.1% of the 45,744,578 pages (5,708,725 articles, and all the maintenance pages) we host.
  • I have blocked 5 000 abusive users, and that's nothing compared to the 34,368,452 registered users contributing to the Encyclopedia, 123,230 of whom edited last month (I'm not even counting the users that don't wish to create an account!).
  • ... And I'm only one of the 1,209 administrators (only 0.003% of all registered users) of the English Wikipedia! We are contributors too, and our goal is to help you improve the Encyclopedia.
  • I've served as a CheckUser between 2009 and 2013. I asked to have that ability removed due to my lack of activity at the time.

Other Stuff[edit]

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Just a few words for all the people who took the time to award me a barnstar. Thank you very much, it is really appreciated, even if I'm not the kind of guy who enjoys having a badge on myself, it is nice to know I am not doing crap only ;).