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Hey, this is my user page. Leave comments on the talk page.

My RfA passed:

Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/Night Gyr

Thanks everybody!

Words and phases that should almost never appear in wikipedia, except in quotes:

  • "you"
  • "get" or any of its conjugations.
  • "notable" (in article space, and it's seriously overused in the rest of the project too)
  • "Note that"
  • "clearly", "ironically," "obviously," or any other parenthetical assertion of the author's perspective.
  • "most famous for" - it's not like you'd a source to prove the source of fame

Other bits:

  • The word "notable" is overused in wikipedia, and it is a POV assertion that adds needless words. Just state the facts and let readers take note for themselves. Including a statement is an inherent assertion that it is notable; the same goes for all statements that claim that a fact is noteworthy in some way or another.
  • NPOV means "be objective." Articles aren't here to express opinions of their writers.
  • Don't speculate. State the facts that are known and let the reader draw their own conclusions. We're an encyclopedia of facts, not opinions.
  • A direct link to a file does not constitute useful source information. Context is necessary too.
  • Overly complicated sigs are a pain in the butt.
  • Wikipedia is for everything you don't care about and have never heard of. If it's verifiable, neutral, and not original research, why not?
  • Don't trust wikipedia. We don't even trust ourselves. We can only determine how to edit the facts, not what they are.

To be created: United States of America vs. One Lucite Ball Containing Lunar Material

Copyright paranoia sucks.

thoughts on inclusion


Test page: User:Night Gyr/templatetest User:Night Gyr/templatetest2