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ELCOME to my little corner of this vast space that is Wikipedia! I currently live in the city of Surrey in the beautiful province of British Columbia, Canada. I'm just a regular guy with a love of knowledge; don't really have much to say about myself. As for my contributions here, I make mostly minor "clean-up" edits to articles on pretty much any subject, but fringe topics interest me the most. All of my edits are done manually (Twinkle and HotCat being the only automated tools I use for common maintenance tasks). I spend most of my time on Wikipedia just reading and navigating through the never-ending maze of articles and links, but as I go I'm always trying to find a way to somehow improve whatever page I come across. I'm also an administrator here so I tend to do more maintenance-type work rather than writing new content, though I have started a few articles. I also try to help out meta-wise and you may find me generally doing a little bit of everything, from patrolling new pages to fighting vandalism, to redirect-sorting and categorizing, believing each minor contribution will improve the whole. Although I'm usually very Sloth-like, I'd probably still classify myself as a WikiGnome, albeit a slightly obsessive one ;) I also welcome new editors and am an active random page patroller too; with 5,575,804 articles you never know what you may come across, and it's always a treat when you discover that one treasure of an article. I take Wikipedia seriously but I also believe it's important to have fun therefore I try to avoid drama as much as possible, but I'm not unwilling to make a difficult block if I must. I have much faith in Wikipedia and its policies, and an optimistic hope for its future. If you have any comments or suggestions for me or just want to say "Hey!" you are most welcome to leave me a message on my talk page.

Another styletip ...

Quotations: allowable typographical changes

Although the requirement of minimal change in direct quotations is strict, a few purely typographical elements of quoted text should be conformed to English Wikipedia's conventions without comment. These include the following:

  • Use the style chosen for the article: unspaced em dash or spaced en dash.
  • Set apostrophes and quotation marks straight, not curly.
  • Remove spaces before punctuation such as periods, colons, and %.
  • When integrating the quotation into the grammar of a larger sentence, downcase the first letter of a quotation that is in upper case purely because it starts a sentence in the source (It turned out to be true that "a penny saved is a penny earned").

But generally preserve bold and italic face, and the variety of English.

Add this to your user page by typing in {{Styletips}}

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If you actually looked at and read every single one of my userboxes, congratulations. You are either obsessed with me or have way too much time on your hands. Either way, I hope you enjoyed my gaudy userpage. ;)

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