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Hello, I'm Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight. I grew up in Los Angeles County, California, U.S. and now live in Nevada County, California. I became a Wikipedia editor in 2007, and administrator in 2009. In March 2017, I became the first Wikipedia Visiting Scholar at Northeastern University in the University Libraries' Digital Scholarship Group (Boston, Massachusetts)

Conflict of interest statement
  • I have made 132,000+ edits and I have not been paid for any of them.
  • In 2016, I retired from DaVita HealthCare Partners Inc. after 26 years of employment; I have not edited articles regarding the parent organization or subsidiaries.
  • In 2017, I was a paid contractor for the Wikimedia Gender Diversity Mapping project.
Articles created
Affiliates movement
  • 2017, Vice President, Wikimedia District of Columbia
  • 2017, Secretary, Wikimedia Affiliates Committee
  • 2016, Member, Wikimedia Affiliates Committee
  • 2016, Board of Directors, Wikimedia District of Columbia
  • 2016, Co-founder, WikiConference North America
  • 2015, Co-founder, WikiWomen's User Group
  • 2018, Community Health Working Group, WMF Movement Strategy
  • 2018, Steering Committee, WMF Movement Strategy
  • 2018, Scholarship Committee, WikiConference North America
  • 2018, Scholarship Committee, Wikimania
  • Previous years
  • 2018, Learning Days, WMCON, Berlin
  • 2017, Learning Days, Wikimania, Montreal
  • 2017, Learning Days, WMCON, Berlin
  • 2016, Learning Days, Wikimania, Esino Lario
  • 2016, Learning Days, WMCON, Berlin
  • 2016, Wiki GLAM Boot Camp, Washington DC
  • 2014, Facilitator Training Workshop, Washington DC
  • 2014, AdaCamp, Portland
  • 2017, Wikimedia Movement Strategy, Women's Media Center, Washington DC
  • 2017, Wikimedia Movement Strategy, Smithsonian Institute, Washington DC
  • 2017, Wikipedia + Women in Technology, Cisco, San Jose, California
  • 2017, Wikipedia + Women in Media and Politics, National Democratic Institute, Washington, DC
  • 2017, Wikipedia Day 2017 San Francisco
  • 2016, HerStory, United Nations, New York City
  • 2016, Wikipedia Day 2016 San Francisco, WMF, San Francisco
  • 2016, Art+Feminism edit-a-thon, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • 2014, Litquake edit-a-thon, WMF, San Francisco
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Did You Know (DYK?) articles[edit]

  • List of articles I created/co-created/co-improved which appeared at DYK? section of mainpage
  • DYK A-Z country challenge with user:Dr. Blofeld and user:Nvvchar
  • My love of DYK articles: On September 19, 2007, I created the Kallawaya people article. Another editor noticed it, nominated it at DYK, and a few days later, it appeared in the DYK section of the mainpage; it was my first DYK contribution. On September 18, 2013, Goaribari Island appeared in the DYK section; I was the third person (and first woman) to have 1,000 contributions appear at DYK. It was an important achievement for me; here's what I said about it:
Some of you know that I am a cultural anthropologist at heart. I wanted to follow in the footsteps of Margaret Mead and study cultural anthropology at Barnard (my mom's alma mater), like Margaret did. I wanted to travel to Papua New Guinea and do research on its people, like Margaret did. But my dad said 'no' to majoring in anthropology -- he wanted something more practical for my university studies. So now, years later, I get to live the life of an armchair cultural anthropologist, writing articles about Goaribari Island and its cannibals. To all the girls out there with impractical dreams, this article is dedicated to you.

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