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Hello, Sophia Giroux-Radisch, and welcome to Wikipedia!

Thank you for your contributions to this free encyclopedia. If you decide that you need help, check out Getting Help below, ask me on my talk page, or place {{Help me}} on your talk page and ask your question there. Please remember to sign your name on talk pages by clicking Button sig.png or Insert-signature.png or by typing four tildes (~~~~); this will automatically produce your username and the date. Also, please do your best to always fill in the edit summary field. Below are some useful links to facilitate your involvement. Happy editing! ScrpIronIV 20:58, 31 July 2015 (UTC)

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So there is a nice big box of stuff up there. Some of it we've already talked about, like WP:Q for most kinds of questions, and the five pillars. Click some of the links, browse around, ask questions if you see something you don't understand. You can also talk to the person who was kind enough to post the box-o-links for you, they are named ScrapIronIV, and look like a nice wikipedian. (talk) 22:22, 31 July 2015 (UTC)

I try, but even after 4,000+ edits, I still make mistakes. Best I can say is to read, decide what you want to do, and stay away from your own page. When you achieve the notability that Wikipedia requires, someone else will write it about you. Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, not a directory of musicians. I am looking into sources, and will contact some individuals who focus on music to get their opinion. In the meantime, I will say that becoming a respected Wikipedia editor is an honor in itself. ScrpIronIV 05:32, 1 August 2015 (UTC)
Cool, that will be helpful ScrapIronIV, thanks. I know almost zip about the music industry. Also, Sophia, take note of ScrapIron's mention of making mistakes: they are normal, so don't stress about making them. As we get Sophia transitioned into her new home here (we still have to figure out step#8 and as I read the relevant wiki-policy she has to insert the curlies into her own userpage herself whilst logged into her new username), I will try to teach her what a wiki-reliable source looks like, and what passing WP:GNG/WP:MUSIC actually requires. I was planning on just doing the source-digging and the source-analysis-and-teaching-stuff here on usertalk, but if you find somebody interested in writing the Draft:Sophia Radisch article then we can move to that draftspace-talkpage for some of the effort. I'm pretty sure that the corporation-article Rock Solid Talent Entertainment is still in the "not yet" phase, since most of their coverage (that I have seen at least) is just inherited from their singers/etc like Sophia, rather than in-depth-and-specifically-about-the-corp.
    At the moment, I'm unclear whether Sophia Radisch will pass the wiki-notability threshold in 2015; some sources exist, but I'm not sure they will add up to enough coverage-bursts; we'll know more once we finish digging up all the sources Sophia can offer, and separate them into non-WP:RS group, WP:NOTEWORTHY-and-WP:RS group, plus of course the in-depth multi-paragraph WP:N-and-WP:RS group. Note that her name is usually given as "Sophia Radisch" in sources that I've seen, but from her new username I infer that it might also sometimes be given as "Sophia Giroux-Radisch" (and maybe even as "Sophia Giroux" also?). If she doesn't meet the bar in 2015, my hunch is that she'll qualify as WP:N by 2016 or 2017 at the outside. Sophia, which names are used about you in sources, for singing-stage-name and for film-credits and such? Which name(s) do you expect will be typically used, from here on out? Oh, and Sophia, please please don't be like this guy, pretty please. (talk) 15:08, 1 August 2015 (UTC)
Hi 75.108 and Scr★pIronIV: Thank you so much for all of your help and advice. Thank you 75.108, for teaching me the rules of Wikipedia. This is an exciting experience that I can't wait to learn more and more about! 75.108, I will dig up anything and everything about me I can find. My birth name is Sophia Alexie Marguerite Giroux-Radisch. But everyone knows me by Sophia Radisch, the name I use for my music and film work. Sophia Giroux-Radisch (talk) 21:17, 1 August 2015 (UTC)
Yes, you were born into your wiki-verse persona with much drama. Very fitting for an actress. :-)     Please do NOT dig up anything and everything, becasue as you now realize, seemingly-reliable website like IMDB (which in the real world *do* tend to be both true and factual) do not count as wiki-reliable in teh wiki-verse. Concentrate on digging up stuff that is in WP:SOURCES-type of publications (newspaper/teevee/radio/magazine/etc), and in particular, concentrate on stuff like that which has multiple paragraphs (at least a dozen sentences preferably -- not just one sentence) specifically about Sophia Radisch. They can be online or offline, English or French or Welsh or Chinese, just so long as they were published with editorial oversight. See also, the list of sources below, where you can practice on what the meaning of WP:NOTEWORTHY is, and the meaning of WP:RS. p.s. You got the 8th step finished, good work. I think we are done cleansing your wiki-persona now, but let me double-check with our friendly local admins before you edit outside the usertalk pages, from your clean new username. (talk) 21:33, 1 August 2015 (UTC)

──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── Ok, perfect. Even though you only want me to concentrate on digging up stuff that is in WP:SOURCES-type , so newspaper/teevee/radio/magazine/etc, do you still want me to send a commercial i was in and some short films as well? Sophia Giroux-Radisch (talk) 22:36, 1 August 2015 (UTC)

The commercial is not WP:RS, even if it was on television. Why not? Because you were doing it as an employee, and the teevee network was broadcasting it because your boss (the maker of the commercial) paid them money. That means the teevee commercial is inherently *not* an independent source, right? You got briefly mentioned in the Petersborough newspaper, in the entertainment-section, which means you were WP:NOTEWORTHY for your award, and also for your performance at the award ceremony. If you can find a copy of the local magazine that *gave* you the award, and if that local magazine had several paragraphs about you they published, finding THAT would help (even if it isn't online -- note that per WP:COPYVIO you should not upload pics or scans of any copyrighted material to wikipedia , even to show other editors what you found in a Wp;RS, which I believe we've discussed but is worth mentioning again). By contrast, if you took out a classified advert in the same paper, suddenly that would no longer be a wiki-reliable source, because you PAID to have your classified advert in the paper, and YOU authored it yourself. Make sense?
    So basically, if anybody independent of the commercial reviewed it (newspaper/magazine/radio/book/teevee/etc ... "hey did you see the funny commercial with Sophia dressed up as a dragon?" said Johnny Carson quote unquote), that *review* is possibly WP:RS depending on where that independent person was published talking about you and your commercial. Same thing with the short films; they are good for your resume, sure, but they cannot themselves be considered wiki-reliable sources that demonstrate wiki-notability ... author not independent ... what we need instead is independent reviews of the short films, critical or complimentary either one is just as good for wiki-purposes, which specifically mention you (and ideally to demonstrate WP:N specifically discuss you and/or your character for multiple paragraphs). Once we have demonstrated WP:42, by showing in-depth multi-paragraph coverage in pure-independent-fact-checking-WP:RS which discuss the specific topic of Sophia Radisch singer/actress/etc, then an only then, we can fill in the remaining gaps with WP:NOTEWORTHY mentions, like the Petersborough award for example, which is only a couple sentences and thus not in-depth enough to help much proving WP:N, but is wiki-reliable and can be mentioned in the article once it is demonstrably wiki-notable enough to survive AfD. p.s. Look at the magic-curly-thing I used, up above, to "outdent" your comment. When you get tired of typing all the extra colons, don't just stop using colons, say curlycurly outdent curlycurly and then just use zero colons to begin again. (talk) 01:40, 2 August 2015 (UTC)

Sophia Giroux-Radisch, you are invited on a Wikipedia Adventure![edit]

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Hi Sophia Giroux-Radisch!! You're invited: learn how to edit Wikipedia in under an hour. I hope to see you there! Ocaasi

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sources for Sophia Radisch[edit]

This is a brief listing, with one-liner analysis of the type of source. Longer explanations of *why* a source is or is not WP:N and/or WP:RS can go in separate usertalk sections, please. Also, Sophia, this is another example of the magic-curly-stuff, used with Template:cite web in this case. If you learn to format your sources this way, they look better, and are easier for experienced wikipedians like ScrapIronIV to review-at-a-glance.

  • staff aka no byline (April 28, 2013). "Wire Awards honour best in local entertainment". Peterborough Examiner. Beau Dixon and Missy Knott were named the city’s top singers at Sunday night’s Wire Awards... handed out each year by The Wire, a local entertainment and lifestyle magazine, are voted on by the public via a website. A gala evening at Market Hall Sunday saw the awards handed out, along with live entertainment from [five other groups and]... Sophia Radisch ...[plus three more groups]. ...The winners are: ... Rising Star Award: Sophia Radisch ...
Peterborough Examiner cite is WP:NOTEWORTHY#1
Type of source: newspaper. Is source-type listed at WP:SOURCES == yes. Author is independent == (TBD). Publisher is independent == (TBD). Webhost/archivist is independent == n/a. Legal name of editor-in-chief == Kennedy Gordon.[1] Size of editorial staff == not revealed but "managing editor" implies staff Can author&publisher be sued for libel == yes.[2] Reputation for fact-checking == yes, looks like typical local newspaper. Source is WP:RS == yes. Readership/viewership is local/regional/national/international and small/medium/large == local+small. Number of sentences specifically about Sophia Radisch in this source == 2. Depth about Sophia Radisch is just WP:NOTEWORTHY == yes(#1). Depth about Sophia Radisch counts towards WP:N == no, insufficient depth. Number of sentences specifically about Rock Solid Talent Entertainment in this source == zero. Depth about RSTE is just WP:NOTEWORTHY == no, not mentioned. Depth about RSTE counts towards WP:N == no, not mentioned.
  • (author TBD) (July 2014). "(title TBD)". Ion Indie Magazine. Archived from [(original story-URL at TBD) the original] Check |url= value (help) on 2014. (quotations TBD)
Type of source: online music magazine. Is source-type listed at WP:SOURCES == yes. Author is independent == (TBD). Publisher is independent == (TBD). Webhost/archivist is independent == yes. Legal name of editor-in-chief == Kiki Plesha.[3] Size of editorial staff == one on-staff Assistant Editor, Danielle Pallanti. Can author&publisher be sued for libel == yes, probably, since although they only give email-contacts they are using their real names it looks like, and can be legally contacted via their ISP if nothing else. Reputation for fact-checking == maybe, there is indication they do some background-research.[4] Source is WP:RS == probably, albeit a bit borderline, and could be challenged by someone more familiar than me with the music industry. Readership/viewership is local/regional/national/international and small/medium/large == internet+small. Number of sentences specifically about Sophia Radisch in this source == (TBD). Depth about Sophia Radisch is just WP:NOTEWORTHY == (TBD). Depth about Sophia Radisch counts towards WP:N == (TBD). Number of sentences specifically about Rock Solid Talent Entertainment in this source == (TBD). Depth about RSTE is just WP:NOTEWORTHY == (TBD). Depth about RSTE counts towards WP:N == (TBD).
discussion of Ion Indie cite
Questions for Sophia: do you have the direct link to this story at , rather than the JooMag archive-copy? Also, what happened after you submitted your bio, track samples, band photo, and phone/email/facebook contact-info? What was the fee for the interview, if any? Did you place any paid advertisments with the magazine? And is their any other relation, financial or kinship or otherwise, between Sophia/Phil/RockSolid and Kiki/Danielle/IonIndieMag? (talk) 21:16, 1 August 2015 (UTC)
Hi 75.108! I don't have it, but I will look for it. The interview didn't cost a thing. And I did not place any paid advertisements with the magazine. And no kinship or otherwise. Sophia Giroux-Radisch (talk) 22:21, 1 August 2015 (UTC)
Okay thanks. I cannot see the JooMag copy, because I don't have Adobe Flash plugin installed per site security policy (cf HTML5 video/etc which is nominally more secure). I can help you search for the direct link, if you can fill in the (title TBD) and the (author TBD) and the other missing bits inside the curlycurly cite web curlycurly. But basically, this is what is known as a borderline-WP:RS. It looks independent. It looks like they have some professionally-staffed editorial oversight. It looks like they have some journalistic-selectivity. Depending on how much of the interview is *them* discussing you, and how much is *you* speaking about yourself, the source might count at WP:NOTEWORTHY, or maybe evn as as WP:N. However, appearances can be deceiving, and I don't know much about the music industry.
    Do you have supermarket tabloids in Ontario, like National Enquirer and Weekly World News? Those are sources that pass most of the smoke-tests, but at the end of the day, fail to be wiki-reliable. They have editors, they are independent of their topics, and they APPEAR to be borderline-WP:RS, but in practice they are NOT considered wiki-reliable, because they report headlines like "aliens replace Radisch with robotic clone from planet pluto" and other such nonsense. Point being, to my wiki-eyeballs, Ion Indie Mag seems to be borderline-WP:RS, but I simply cannot say whether they are more like the WSJ-of-indie-music, or more like the Weekly_World_News-of-indie-music. Does this make sense? There is not anything special that we need to do here, beyond what we've already done, in other words; Ion Indie seems WP:RS to my eyes. That said, somebody might very will challenge this Ion Indie Mag citation as *truly* being wiki-reliable, and although what we've found so far is a solid indication that they OUGHT to have a "reputation for fact-checking and accuracy" that is not the same thing as actually HAVING such a reputation, and if it turns out that Ion Indie Mag has a reputation of totally-making-stuff-up, then it won't matter how many assistant editors they have, or the other rules-of-thumb tests that we have applied here. I think they are probably WP:RS, in other words, and we shall proceed as if they are, but we are proceeding on a provisional basis, pending further input from music-industry-savvy wikipedians, who may know what reputation Ion Indie actually has. (talk) 11:03, 2 August 2015 (UTC)

  • probably Phil the talent-agent (2012 but can be updated by anybody at any time). "Thirteen Downs". dba Check date values in: |date= (help)
Type of source: online fansite-slash-movie-yellowpages. Is source-type listed at WP:SOURCES == no. Author is independent == no, could be anybody specifically including Phil. Publisher is independent == partly, but accepts image-upload-fees from Phil as their biz-model. Webhost/archivist is independent == n/a. Legal name of editor-in-chief == not revealed. Size of editorial staff == not revealed. Can author&publisher be sued for libel == no. Reputation for fact-checking == none, best efforts as-is only. Source is WP:RS == no. Readership/viewership is local/regional/national/international and small/medium/large == national-to-international/medium-to-large. Number of sentences specifically about Sophia Radisch in this source == one. Depth about Sophia Radisch is just WP:NOTEWORTHY == yes, but not WP:RS, so no. Depth about Sophia Radisch counts towards WP:N == no, insufficient depth specifically about Sophia, and not WP:RS anyways. Number of sentences specifically about Rock Solid Talent Entertainment in this source == zero. Depth about RSTE is just WP:NOTEWORTHY == no, not mentioned, and cannot be inherited via mention of Sophia the co-owner. Depth about RSTE counts towards WP:N == no, insufficient depth, and not WP:RS anyways.
Type of source: newspaper. Is source-type listed at WP:SOURCES == yes. Author is independent == (TBD). Publisher is independent == (TBD). Webhost/archivist is independent == no. Legal name of editor-in-chief == (TBD). Size of editorial staff == (TBD). Can author&publisher be sued for libel == yes. Reputation for fact-checking == (TBD). Source is WP:RS == yes. Readership/viewership is local/regional/national/international and small/medium/large == (TBD). Number of sentences specifically about Sophia Radisch in this source == (TBD). Depth about Sophia Radisch is just WP:NOTEWORTHY == (TBD). Depth about Sophia Radisch counts towards WP:N == (TDB). Number of sentences specifically about Rock Solid Talent Entertainment in this source == (TBD). Depth about RSTE is just WP:NOTEWORTHY == (TBD). Depth about RSTE counts towards WP:N == (TDB).
Type of source: movie trailer. Is source-type listed at WP:SOURCES == (TBD). Author is independent == (TBD). Publisher/director is independent == (TBD). Webhost/archivist is independent == no. Legal name of editor-in-chief == (TBD). Size of editorial staff == (TBD). Can author&publisher be sued for libel == (TBD). Reputation for fact-checking == (TBD). Source is WP:RS == (TBD). Readership/viewership is local/regional/national/international and small/medium/large == (TBD). Number of sentences specifically about Sophia Radisch in this source == (TBD). Depth about Sophia Radisch is just WP:NOTEWORTHY == (TBD). Depth about Sophia Radisch counts towards WP:N == (TDB). Number of sentences specifically about Rock Solid Talent Entertainment in this source == (TBD). Depth about RSTE is just WP:NOTEWORTHY == (TBD). Depth about RSTE counts towards WP:N == (TDB).
Sophia, you can fill out the TBD-portions of the stuff above if you like, and when you want to try a full-size source-analysis on your own, this Metal Temple one might be a good place to start. (talk) 21:16, 1 August 2015 (UTC)
  • mid-2015 television interview , no URL because not yet released, Sophia will add it here, once she has it
  • television interview (local cable access?), Sophia showcased for a full month,[when?] theMYDM TV show, Rogers Channel 10 in Mississauga/Brampton/Peel region (cf Toronto) and also TV Cogeco Niagara [USA? Canada?].

Sophia is learning the ropes; this[5] is a good sign. Everybody has bias, about their gramma, about their career, about their politics, about their religion, about their favorite consumer goods, about their pet peeves, and so on. The key to WP:NPOV is to learn to *behave* neutrally, learn to write just-the-facts prose, and learn to objectively assess the sources. There is hope, methinks. (talk) 21:16, 1 August 2015 (UTC)

Sophia, these are the sorts of things that we are looking for, although they are kinda-borderline in terms of being independent.
Radio and TV is good, but needs to be mainstream AM/FM (versus podcast), and mainstream TV (versus local-community-access and internet-streaming). (talk) 23:26, 5 August 2015 (UTC)

Wheel In The Wiki-Sky[edit]

Howdy Sophia, just a status update. From what I personally understand of the wiki-rules, You are ready to go. However, there are many things I don't know. Thus, I suggest that, before you edit outside this talkpage (but an exception is that you can leave a note on my talkpage to ping me without worry methinks), we should wait until Ponyo and A.Bradbury and k6ka and Bazj are collectively 100% convinced you are ready to edit articles. As with the waiting-for-an-unblock-admin, we can still get stuff accomplished in the meantime. I have asked them if we have dotted all the T's and crossed all the I's ... or maybe vice-versa ... but they are either busy, or not sure we have (and checking into it).

  Anyways, as you dig up more sources, you can leave them here on usertalk. You can also work on your source-analysis skills, see list above with all the TBD portions, and I will critique your instincts and help you hone them, razor sharp (or at least kinda-mostly-sharp). Once you get the hang of it, you can see whether a source is WP:RS or not pretty much at a glance at the URL (in some cases without even visiting the site), and tell whether it is WP:N versus merely WP:NOTEWORTHY from a quick skim (or quite often just from the title). Getting the proper habits ingrained does take some practice, however, before you can tell at a glance that IMDB is no more wiki-reliable that Facebook, despite their fancy website and big corporate backing, and by contrast, that Ion Indie Magazine just might *be* wiki-reliable despite their stick-it-to-the-mainstream outfits. It's an acquired skill, but not one that takes too long. Are you still filming in Canada, or are you on to other projects now? Talk to you later, (talk) 22:56, 4 August 2015 (UTC)

Hey Sophia, turns out the wheel in the sky has rotated enough, your fate is now clear, and we *do* know where you will be tomorrow: anywhere in the wiki-verse you wish. The sockpuppet stuff has been closed as no longer necessary, by the admins-and-editors who were involved with that, and Ponyo the blocking-admin has affirmed that you are a wikipedian in good standing now, under your new clean user-account. You should be a bit cautious about the sock-stuff, see my detailed bullet-point advice here -- User_talk:Sophia_Radisch#brand_new_account_.2C_final_steps_to_tidy_up -- and of course you should probably not be putting RockSolid and/or SophiaRadishTheSinger material into wikipedia without some uninvolved helper like me (or whomever), but I think you are now fully 100% wiki-savvy enough to be WP:BOLD.
    You're not perfect yet, sure, but you are good enough, and good to go. As was mentioned by ScrapIronIV, and as I can confirm, you will make mistakes. Don't stress about that stuff, somebody will correct your goofs, even goofs related to promotion and socks, though of course try hard to avoid that stuff. When you goof, because you will goof, just stay WP:NICE and listen to the nice wikipedian who corrects you, and if you don't understand the correction ask, and if they cannot explain it to your satisfaction ask again at WP:Q venues. People correcting each other, and helping each other... that is, after all, the core of what wikipedia is about... ten thousand heads are better than one, roughly speaking, with the right culture. :-)     Ping my talkpage if you need anything, glad you are ready to rumble now, talk to you later. (talk) 21:24, 5 August 2015 (UTC)
Hi 75.108! I'm glad to hear all of this. Thanks again for all of the help. I'm sorry I haven't been in contact for a few days. I have been filming my music video and have also been in the studio. I still plan on searching for more sources and sending them here. I have a couple that still haven't been released yet publicly, that might be good to use. Looking forward to hearing back from you! Sophia Giroux-Radisch (talk) 23:22, 6 August 2015 (UTC)
Sophia, yes it is good you are back in action (or newly in action technically speaking). Remember, though, wikipedia has very few firm rules, one is WP:NPOV (which is why staying neutral and not self-promotional is a big deal), one is WP:5P3 aka strictly obey copyright law (which is why Phil seemingly-harmlessly logging in under your username is a big deal), but the one ZUPER IMPORTINT wiki-rule that applies here is WP:NORUSH. Don't be sorry if you have a life, in other words. :-)     Your wiki-life will wait patiently until you have spare time. As you find sources, add them to the list above, and give your best shot at analyzing them, the way we did Petersborough newspaper and IMDB fansite-slash-paid-yellowpages, and leave me a note (see below) so I can come give your on-wiki work a look-see. Glad your off-wiki work is going well, sounds fun, if a bit hectic. (talk) 17:33, 7 August 2015 (UTC)
And how do I ping you on your talkpage? Thank you. Sophia Giroux-Radisch (talk) 23:49, 6 August 2015 (UTC)
Okay, so right now this second, we are chatting on yours, , which is the same as User_talk:Sophia Giroux-Radisch (blacklink not bluelink since we are *on* this very URL-page right now), aka "your talkpage" for short, also called usertalk or userspace (includes User:Sophia_Giroux-Radisch portion). We could also, hypothetically, have a similar conversation together utilizing colons and tildes, on Talk:Justin Bieber for example, where we could discuss something about improving that article -- specifically about *improving* the article though, not just chatting about whether we like Bieber, or dislike Bieber, or other chatty-facebook-type-stuff, see WP:NOTFACEBOOK.
    Every other wikipedia-person also has "their talkpage" in userspace, and in my case, my talkpage is User_talk: From time to time, I'll take a peek at your talkpage of my own volition, like I did today (since I recently left you a message here I figured you might have replied back to me). Since there is WP:NORUSH, this is not a bad way to handle extended conversations, e.g. about digging up and analyzing sources, like we've been doing for awhile, and are likely to continue doing for some time to come.
    However, sometimes I'll get busy in real life, or just forget about checking back. When you leave me a message at User_talk:, the next time I read (or edit) some wikipedia-page, I'll get a little you-have-a-new-message-from-sophia-orange-bar-thing, which reminds me to peek back at where we were having our conversation (in this case we were at User_talk:Sophia Giroux-Radisch but we could have hypothetically been working on something at Talk:Justin Bieber or whatever). So if you say something to me, and you get no reply, probably it isn't because I have nothing to say, but because it slipped my mind.
    You can click on User_talk:, click new-section, type something like "hey I replied to you over at Talk:Justin BieberUser_talk:Sophia Giroux-Radisch just letting you know ~~~~" and click save. Next time I'm on-wiki, I'll get the orange-bar-reminder-notification, read your note, click the link you left me, and give you a reply. Along the same lines, if we're not (yet) talking about something, but you want to invite me to help you with something or talk about something you can use the same procedures to leave me a note like "hey 75108 can you please look at Talk:Mariah Carey#suggested_change_37 for me" to alert me that you need advice or whatever. Make sense?
    A bit more annoying than email, right? But also more flexible, since our entire conversation is visible and editable and online (even "deleted" portions which are saved under the view-history, which means we can do back-n-forth chats (like this paragraph now), but we can also do collaborative-document-editing (like the list of sources above), and even complex things like tables and charts and curlycurly template-things curlycurly. So now you're an expert wiki-talker. :-)     Beside my talkpage, you are free to ask anybody on wikipedia questions about anything -- at least vaguely wikipedia related of course -- at any time. You can also contact groups of people, that LIKE answering questions for the fun of it, via WP:Q, which is how Phil originally ran into me and User:Huon.
    Note that just because you leave a note on somebody's usertalk, that does not necessarily mean they will reply to what you wrote. They might be too busy, or might be on wiki-break (filming their own film perhaps), or they might not be confident enough about their fluency in English (wikipedia has quite a few cross-linguistic transplants like that). So if you get no reply, don't be miffed, just ask somebody else, and read WP:CHOICE ... which like WP:NORUSH is a zuper-importint wiki-rule to know about ... it applies 100% to you, and also 100% to everybody else here on the pedia.
    If you have any questions about pinging talkpages, feel free to ping me on my talkpage. ;-)     See also official helpdocs at WP:Talk_page_guidelines and WP:TALKPAGE, worth skimming at least. p.s. Also, do you have any questions about this bullet-point-advice, over here at User_talk:Sophia_Radisch#brand_new_account_.2C_final_steps_to_tidy_up, and in particular, do you understand the stuff about Phil (who is still wiki-blocked at the moment since unblocking is an per-individual-human-procedure) and his Welshmusiclover username? (talk) 17:33, 7 August 2015 (UTC)

suggestions for user:welshmusiclover[edit]

Hi Sophia. :-)     I left some additional clarifying-notes, with help from User_talk:Huon, over on your old User_talk:Sophia_Radisch page. Next time you and Phil have a face-to-face, if you can spend an hour or so teaching him about the wiki-rules that you have learned from me, and helping him learn the mechanics of colons and tildes for talkpages (note that it is a BIG PAIN to use a tablet or virtual keyboard with talkpages... definitely recommend using a real computer keyboard), then Phil can get his own User:Welshmusiclover login unblocked, or if the unblock-admin prefers, make a new cleanstart username like we did with you. Any questions or whatnot, please feel free to leave a note on my talkpage, or ask somebody at WP:Q for instant gratification. Talk to you later, (talk) 23:31, 12 August 2015 (UTC)

question about a singer[edit]

Hi Sophia, have you heard of this person, Draft:Charlotte_Devaney, they are trying to get their article approved, and are having trouble with sufficient sourcing. Based in the UK, so thought you might know the name, since you are both in slightly different parts of the same overall industry. Thanks, talk to you later, (talk) 17:09, 26 August 2015 (UTC)